Rogue by Gina Damico

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Rogue by Gina DamicoRogue by Gina Damico
on 2013
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 326

Lex, a teenage Grim Reaper, has the power to Damn souls, and it’s getting out of control. Her boyfriend, Driggs, is dead . . . sort of. She’s a fugitive, on the run from the maniacal new mayor of Croak and the townspeople who want to see her pay the price for her misdeeds. Uncle Mort rounds up the Junior Grims to flee Croak once again, but this time they’re joined by Grotton, the most powerful Grim of all time. Their new mission is clear: Fix his mistakes, or the Afterlife will cease to exist, along with all the souls in it.      The gang heads for Necropolis, the labyrinth-like capital city of the Grimsphere. There, they discover that the Grimsphere needs a reboot. To do that, the portals to the Afterlife must be destroyed . . . but even that may not be enough to fix the damage. Things go from bad to worse, and when at last the fate of the Afterlife and all the souls of the Damned hang in the balance, it falls to Lex and her friends to make one final, impossible choice.

One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

“I won’t lie to you, Lex. It’s going to get harder. And when it does, you’re the one the others are going to look to. You’re going to have to step up and lead. You’re going to have to make the hard decisions. In short” – he put an arm around her shoulders – “you’re going to have to be awesome.”

She swallowed. “How do I do that?”

“I don’t know.” At this, he finally smiled. “But yelling has done wonders for you so far.”

Excuse me while I take a minute to get over this ending. Actually, I might need a month. Wow. What an impressive finale. Roguefits perfectly in with its two prequels. It’s just as action-packed and hilarious, but also kind of heart-wrenching, with an ending that will leave you with the feeling like you’ve been punched in the gut.

Lex has kick-started a war and is currently on the run with her band of morons, also known as her friends, led by their very captivating and handsome fearless leader – Uncle Mort (his words, not mine. Okay, also my words). Their mission? Saving the Afterlife that’s been slowly eroding for decades, by closing down all the portals and resetting the Grimsphere.

No pressure.

Lex and Driggs are adorable and funny as always. Despite everything that’s happened in the previous two books and their suicide mission, they still find time to slobber all over each other’s faces, and some other stuff as well.

“Ah, the over-the-shoulder boulder holder,” he said in a sneering voice, picking at her bra. “My old nemesis.”

“Okay, don’t panic,” Lex said. “Do it just like we practiced.”

“Right. The hook faces out.”

“The hook faces in.”


With Lex’s cock-blocking uncle lurking behind every corner. It’s officially official – I have found my book boyfriend. Not Étienne St. Clair. Not Christian Grey (as if). Uncle Mort. Not only has he been awesome from the very get-go, he’s also extremely intelligent, snarky, and absolutely hilarious. Give me a piece of Uncle Mort any day. (It’s totally not obvious that I’m into older guys. Shut up.)

This is going straight into the top of my favourite series. I’ve given every part four stars, but they’re a very, very solid four stars. The Grimsphere was so original and amazing, and the humour is what made me fall in love.

Consider me hooked for every Gina Damico book ever.

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7 responses to “Rogue by Gina Damico

  1. Valeria@A Touch of Book Madnes

    That finale! What can I say?! I could not see that coming until the very end, and even if it hurt, it was the right way to go I feel. This series is amazing and my love is infinite. I can’t wait to read Hellhole.

    • It was a very strange way to end the series. I liked it very much because it was so powerful, but it also made me really sad, and that felt weird for a series that had never made me sad before – just made me laugh. I mean “strange” and “weird” in the best way possible, though, and I’m really looking forward to Hellhole.

      • Valeria@A Touch of Book Madnes

        Yes, absolutely unexpected and I feel that maybe because of that it was so powerful. It was sad, I was really hoping for a happy end you know? But it was definitely the right way to go.

  2. Olivia Roach

    I haven’t seen too much about this series, so I am happy to see you have enjoyed them all the way through! I have only read one book which included reapers in it, so this would be a new thing to me ^^ I can’t wait to try it because the plot does sound interesting to me, and like there are big things at stake. I love a book with some good humor in it as well.

    • If you like humour, then you’re going to love this. She makes you laugh at least once a page, if she’s feeling lazy. The characters are brilliant and there are definitely big things at stake. I think these were my first reaper books, but they were so good.

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