10 More Ways to Procrastinate

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Hey, remember when I made that post, encouraging you to procrastinate? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, I decided to make a sequel! You know, it really pays off to take a break now and then, even if you haven’t started yet! Even thinking about work is exhausting. Why don’t you let me help? I’m good at helping. Here are some more things you can do to procrastinate!

1. Exercise


I’m hilarious, I know.

Moving on.

2. Seriously though, get some fresh air

Fresh air has never killed anyone before.

Well… it does provide a few risks here and there, so you’ll want to be careful not to overdose on fresh air. (I totally just rhymed like a boss.) But it might clear your head a little, maybe find some inspiration for whatever you should be doing.

3. Research

Hey, why don’t you do some research? You can actually get away with that one, because you’re sort of working on your project, which means you’re semi-productive! You know, until you click on a random link, which leads to another link, and another, until you have no idea where the last three hours have just gone.

4. Talk about it

Talking about your project is almost the same as actually working on your project! You’re thinking about it, and thinking requires effort.

Actually, you may want to procrastinate some more after talking about your project, because that sounds exhausting.

5. Take up a new hobby

You know that thing you’ve always wanted to do, but never had any time to actually do it? Good news, you’ve got some time right now! So go look up some YouTube videos to learn how to do the thing and — no, wait, come back! Don’t you click on “related videos”! Oh, there go another three hours.

6. Speaking of YouTube, go on YouTube

There’s nothing better for procrastination than YouTube. Have a look through your subscriptions and see if you’ve missed any new videos. Or, if you’re like me, you have a Watch Later list the size of the Empire State Building, which means there’s always a few hours to lose!

Or, you know, you could always look at cat videos.

7. Search for inspiration/motivation

You’re probably a bit stuck on your project, and could use some inspiration/motivation. You know what really helps a lot of people? Quotes. You know what also helps many? Visual things. So, images. Usually quotes printed on pretty pictures.

“Pinterest is a good place to start,” a guy once said. I think his name was Satan.

8. Do that other thing you’ve been putting off

If you’d like at least some idea that you’re being productive, you could procrastinate the thing you’re putting off by doing the other thing you’re putting off. It’s procrastinception! And totally legit.

9. Seriously, have you played Candy Crush lately?

You should totally play some more Candy Crush. Candy Crush misses you. It says it’s sorry, and that it didn’t mean what it said before, and that it wants you back. I bet you can beat that pesky level now!

10. I’ll finish this list later

Now, you might be saying, “I’m not really a procrastinator”. Yes, you are! That’s the beauty of it — everyone‘s a procrastinator! Yes, you can! You can procrastinate! You can do it!

Now, go forth and procrastinate!

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18 responses to “10 More Ways to Procrastinate

  1. I am actually pretty rubbish at procrastinating because when there is something else I should be doing I think about it and end up feeling like doing it. So I do xD The other day I purposefully tried to procrastinate and failed. But you know, if I do have spare time I will be on Pinterest saying that I will actually make that recipe, craft and read that book. Nope. Never happens.
    I get so much fresh air every day just cycling to and from school. In fact, even passes as number one xD
    This post managed to make me laugh as always, Inge. I take all this advice as from a professional procrastinator!

    • Psssh, no one is rubbish at procrastinating, that just means you’re not trying hard enough 😉 haha, well, you live in The Netherlands now, so cycling is part of your daily life!

  2. Oh my goodness, this is the best post EVER. I am laughing so hard (again!) right now! I was panicked at first- like, WHY would Inge suggest something as ridiculous as EXERCISE!? But then you were joking, and I was able to breathe again 😉 This basically describes my entire life. And Pinterest… yes, Pinterest IS Satan’s work. Seriously, does it even have a point? Because all I do is look at Hunger Games pictures and pretty looking cocktails (that I will never, in fact, make). This is fabulous!

    • Hahaha, I’m sorry for the mini-panic attack I gave you! Of course I wouldn’t seriously suggest exercise, pssh, who do you think I am? 😉

  3. Ha ha. Like I needed any more ways to procrastinate…

    Anyway–great post. Ironically I sometimes use blogging as a way of procrastination of the things I know–but don’t want to–do. *whispers* I’ve never played Candy Crush before. I need to rectify this, obviously.

    • Obviously, you need to start playing Candy Crush right now. It’s a beautiful way to procrastinate and to yell at your screen.

  4. Betsy Smith

    This is awesome. I totally needed more ways to procrastinate! Procrastinators of the world unite…. maybe tomorrow. lol

  5. Love it! It’s probably a bad thing that I’ve also done all the things on the sequel to the original list, Except for 1) because who am I kidding.

    • I’ve totally done all of these at some point. And then, right after I posted this sequel, I found another way to procrastinate.

  6. Oh Inga! You are a genious! I love this! I am a master of procrastination as well, and normally find wonderful reasons for it to explain to my husband. You’ve just given me even more ideas… for this I thank you most profusely! 😀

  7. Haha 😀
    I read the title and went like “Yeah, I don’t need help doing that!”
    No. 8 is so true. It’s like, whenever I had an exam coming up I needed to study for, or whenever I had to do something really difficult, suddenly all my dishes were done, my room was clean, and I had new groceries in the fridge xD

    • Haha, that seems to be a popular way of procrastinating! Because at least you’re doing SOMETHING and you don’t feel as guilty about not doing what you should be doing!

  8. Jillian Lopez

    Such a cute post Inge! I’m a huge procrastinator for school 😛 Sometimes I procrastinate so much to the point where I end up finishing schoolwork until 2 am, and even if I’m a little guilty for doing that, I’m actually kind of used to it. And like the items you put in this post, I actually do HALF of them hahahahahaha…. I feel guilty….. 😛

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