5 Awesome Things (The Post of Awesome)

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A while ago, I was feeling really depressed, so I decided to order a few books on happiness online. One of them was The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha, which is a book filled entirely with “the little pleasures in life” that we take strange satisfaction in, such as popping bubble wrap and the smell of baked goods.

This book has given me tons of smiles, so I thought I’d create a blog post with 5 awesome things of my own, created in the style of The Book of Awesome.

Your oven smelling like pizza

Eating a slice of pizza (or, let’s face it, an entire pizza) is one of the finer things in life. It’s easy, it’s tasty, it’s messy, and above all, it’s tasty. But there’s something special about that anticipatory smell you get when you pop one o’ them freezer pizzas into your oven and crank it up. As your kitchen fills with one of the best scents in the world, you know there’s only 20 minutes between you and that pizza, and that’s a pretty great feeling.

Nothing beats that cheesy goodness on top of a crusty bed of dough and delicious tomato paste. Add your favourite toppings, and you’ve got a meal worthy of a king.

But next time, take a moment to truly appreciate your oven enticing you with that seductive smell. Because it’s pretty damn


Waking up in the morning when you don’t have to go to school/work

There are only a few things worse than being brutally woken up by the shrill sound of your alarm clock. One of them being woken up by that hellish alarm at stupid o’clock, knowing you’re about to face another long day of things you don’t want to do.

So when you get to sleep in, that’s a pretty great feeling. There is nothing that wants to break apart that beautiful relationship you have with your bed. And should you wake up earlier than desired, you simply glance at the time, shake your head with a smile, and turn right back around for a second round of snoozes.


Hearing the content purrs of you cat

They say that the purring of a cat releases endorphins and makes you calm down. Now, I didn’t do any research for this, so I don’t know how scientifically correct that is. However, I know it’s a good sound. It’s the sound of a content cat, a satisfied cat, as you smother her with love, knowing there’s at least one creature on Earth who appreciates what you do.

A happy cat equals a happy human.


Finishing a good book

Finishing things in general is a pretty great feeling. You get that feeling of success, of accomplishment, of productivity. But there’s something even greater about finishing a good book. As you slam it closed with a happy sigh, you get to relive your favourite scenes in your head for a while, reminiscing, appreciating the characters you’ve just gotten to know.

Sure, the next book you pick up may not be as awesome. And you may not find another book like it. But reading a good book is a great experience, and you know you can always return to it should you need to. It’ll be there, the perfect friend – quiet when you set it aside, there for you when you need it.

And that’s pretty


Ordering something online and having it delivered

“Money can’t buy happiness”, they say. That’s bullshit, I say. Sure, money isn’t everything, but when spent wisely and on the right things, money can definitely help you in improving your happiness. Like that book you’ve been eyeing for the past few months. Or that coat you’ve had on your wishlist for ages and has just gone down in price. Or maybe you’re just having a bad day and need a pick-me-up.

In any case, when delivery day comes, you get all excited, because you get new stuff. And when that package finally arrives, it’s like Christmas has come early, and you know you’re going to love what’s inside, because you picked it out yourself. It’s like a gift from you to you. Enjoy!


What do you find awesome?


21 responses to “5 Awesome Things (The Post of Awesome)

  1. All of these things are awesome! I especially agree with purring cats — cuddly, happy cats are the best thing ever. Mine have been more annoying and whiny than anything lately, but hopefully that passes soon LOL

  2. Zaira F

    Waking up and realizing I have no school that day is one of the things I find awesome, too!! So is staying up late, curled up in bed with a really good book!

  3. Agree, agree, agree! Cats purring is honestly one of the best sounds in the world, especially when they are laying on your lap at the same time. I think the only thing that I would have added was coffee – the smell of it, the way it warms your hands in the morning, the rountine of making it. That’s one my favourite little things.

    • Oh yeah, I can imagine! Coffee does smell quite nice. I’m actually not a coffee drinker — I like tea — but I do like coffee-flavoured things. Just not coffee itself. Because I make sense like that.

  4. Aww Kitty! 🙂 I completely agree with you on all of your five awesome things. I love them too! For me I’d add riding my horse: Just that closeness to an animal, the adrenalin rush, the happiness when something goes right. Oh and I’m adding eating sweet things, muffins, cookies, cake…because that blissful sweetness in your mouth is indeed awesome! Awesome post Inga!! 🙂

    • I absolutely understand your love for your horse 🙂 I hear a lot of horse lovers talk about those things. Hahaha yes, sugary goodness are quite great! Also a good smell in your oven 😉

  5. When mail comes in my name I love it so much! It just about makes my day, as does finishing a very good book. All those things make me incredibly happy <3 Maybe not the pizza one because I don't eat pizza, but I will also agree when it comes to waking up on a weekend. Or every day for the next few weeks because SUMMER.

  6. I absolutely love love love buying things online, because when the packages come, it’s like christmas! And it’s great! And I’m allergic to cats, but I really wish I had one hahah.

  7. These things are all MAGICAL! I totally agree with the delivery thing- there is nothing better than a package on your doorstep! And the sleeping in thing- such heaven! Like, the best. Especially when you THINK you have to get up and then realize a minute later that you do not! And finishing a good, satisfying book is so wonderful! It’s kind of like everything being right in the world, even if just for a few minutes! And kittens. Everything about kittens, of course. And pizza, but dare I say BROWNIES. Nothing is better than that smell in the oven. Ahhh… This post is happy-making 🙂

    • Hahaha yeah that’s a great feeling! “Oh no I’m going to be late! … Wait, I don’t have to get up at all! SWEET!” 😀

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post! It was a lot of fun to write ^_^

  8. 1. Snow days. I once thought they were a thing of the past, but work has been called off twice in the 3 years that I’ve worked there because of snow days. Actually, the first year snow was called off because -40F temperatures. And last year, work was called off because of a blizzard. Conveniently, the snow day was called the Monday after I moved, so the boyfriend and I had one extra day to unwind in our new place. Awesome!

    2. Waking up on the weekends to sunbeams instead of alarms. My body has gotten into the habit of just waking up at 7:00 (because I’m getting old). I used to hate being awake at 7:00 on the weekends, but I’m getting used to it, especially if the sunshine is peeking through my window at me.

    3. Thunderstorms. BECAUSE THUNDERSTORMS!

    4. Kitty kisses. Because they are so rare.

    • I’m also getting used to waking up earlier and earlier. I usually just turn around and fall asleep again, haha. But it’s definitely more agreeable waking to sunlight than waking to an alarm. It’s much more peaceful, especially when you can hear a few birds outside as well.

      Also, yes to kitty kisses. <3

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