Cats and Books Are Also A Great Combination

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Two weeks ago, I shared a blog post about why books and tea are a good combination. You know what’s also a good combination? Books and cats.

Your furry friend is always there for you to occupy your lap when you’re reading a book. It’s not always a convenient situation, because they tend to plonk their butts down on the book rather than on your laps or rub their faces against your book so it’s covered in cat hair. It makes for rather inefficient reading. But let’s face it, they’re adorable and they look at you with that cute little punim while they purr contentedly, and you can’t help but forgive them immediately. They’ve got us trained that way. They’ve turned the human race into their personal slaves and we don’t even mind.

Here’s a few reasons why cats and books make a great pair.


Reading is one of the best hobbies ever. You live a thousand lives just by turning pages. You meet so many characters and visit so many different worlds. You laugh, you cry, you bite your fingernails until you’ve reached the final page. There’s nothing quite like it. I don’t think I need to tell you why reading is awesome, really. We run a book blog, after all.

But it’s also quite a solitary hobby, and sometimes it can get lonely. That’s why it’s great to have a cat at hand. They’re excellent companions for reading. All they require is a nice, warm spot and a bit of petting every now and then, and they’ll keep you comfortable for hours.


Boring parts

If you happen to come across a boring part in your book, simply shift your attention to your cat and pet them while you get through it. You’ll find that reading suddenly became a lot less dull, and you get a happy cat in return. It’s a win-win situation.



This is the same reason as making a cup of tea during reading — cats provide warmth you’re otherwise missing out on, whether it’s their physical warmth to envelop your legs or a simple headbutt to get you through the sad parts of your book. The comfort of a cat works just as well as a hot beverage.


They also help with writing

Cats are very eager to help you with any daunting task, such as reading the morning newspaper or eating dinner. Mine also likes to walk in the way when you’re doing anything in the kitchen, making sure you fall over her every single time so you apologise profusely by petting her some more. But she has also helped me during NaNoWriMo last November. She made sure I met my required 50,000 words and also provided a few contributions of her own (mostly exclamation marks).

Just ’cause

Let’s be honest — do you really need a reason to cuddle up with your cat? Just look at them. They’re so cute. Go hug your cat. Adore your cat overlords.

Do you read with your cat? On a scale of 1 to no, how helpful are they?


23 responses to “Cats and Books Are Also A Great Combination

  1. Books and doggies are also an excellent combination. Except for the time my dog (when she was a puppy) ripped off the cover of a book I had to read for university. D: The cuddlier and fluffier the animal the better! My hamsters used to just lay on my shoulders for hours, the little cuties. 🙂

    • Aww, that sounds perfect. 🙂 Hahaha yeah that’s the risk of reading with pets! Thankfully, my pets have never destroyed a book. My cat likes rubbing their face against my book until it’s covered in cat hair.

  2. Haha, I love this! My cats always seem to know when I’m reading and definitely like to push the book out of my hands or crawl right on top of it. I have to say my dog is actually more helpful when I’m writing, though — he’s always walking over and setting his face on the keyboard. His favorite thing to say is “+++” (or if he’s on the other side, he just hits caps lock over and over!)

  3. I love my kitty, but he is pretty anti-social. He doesn’t like NOT being in the same room as me, but he doesn’t like to be pet or held. Strangely, he doesn’t mind belly kisses, although I always feel like I’m tempting fate. He keeps me company though even if it’s at a distance; I still appreciate that because you’re right– reading is a solitary hobby.

    He’s best in the wintertime…mostly because I steal his favorite blanket, so he’s obligated to curl up on my knees to keep me warm 😀

    Also, I’ve definitely read Harry Potter out loud to my cat before. I think he’s definitely a fan. How could he not be?!

    • Hahaha the belly is definitely a risky area! Some cats will attack right away, some cats love it, and some love it for an exact total of seven seconds, after which they will hit you.

      What Hogwarts House would you put your cat in?

  4. My first time visiting your blog, and it’s a post about not only BOOKS but also CATS. *bows down to you* My cat likes to stretch out across my legs and he’s a pretty awesome reading companion, I must say 🙂

    • Naturally, a reader must also mention cats every once in a while. I keep my cat close to me while reading because she keeps me warm.

  5. Yes, good. I approve of this post. Furry friends are the best readerly companions, thank you very much! My dog is SUCH a cuddler – he can’t bear to be away from people for more than 15 minutes at a time, so he tends to press against you while you’re reading and get dog hair all over your pants and generally make a mess of everything. Oh well – he means the best, I suppose? 😉

    • Awww hahaha, what a cutie. Yeah, I definitely wear more comfortable close inside the house because I know there’s going to be cat hair all over it. Might as well keep the finer things in the closet.

  6. Haha, I love this post Inge! 🙂 It is all true what you say. My new kitten does enjoy biting the wire of my earphones though which lands him on the floor often. But they are super adorable and warm and cute and awwww! 😀

  7. It sounds great! The combination of cat and book is awesome. Every time I read book but doesn’t try it with cat but next time I will surely try it and share my experience.

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