Why Fans Make Great Friends

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“You like Harry Potter, too?”

That, my dear friends, is the start of a magnificent friendship.

Let me tell you a story.

Every summer, my mom’s cousin and his wife stay over at our place for a few days. About three years ago, they brought their eldest daughter with them, who is my age. We’d never met before and we didn’t really know anything about each other, other than the fact that we were cousins. So in the beginning, it was a little awkward as we were still trying to get a feel for each other (that sounded a little sexy — it’s okay, I can make this joke because we’re related by marriage, not blood). About an hour passes and I’m talking to my uncle about where I would like to travel, and I tell him I would really like to see the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Out of nowhere, the most beautiful words in the history of mankind fill my ears:

“You like Harry Potter, too?”

I look at my cousin and our eyes fill with hope and outright joy at this amazing discovery, and we didn’t shut up all night after that. We compared all the fandoms we could think of (“What about Sherlock?” “Sherlooooock!” “RIGHT?!”) and made a list of YouTube videos we wanted to show each other. Three years later, we’re still close friends.

These drawings were made by my beautiful cousin. You can find more of her drawings here.

I’ve met so many wonderful people through fandoms. I made about a gazillion awesome friends on Goodreads, simply because we all share a love of reading. I’ve met brilliant people while spending time in Facebook groups dedicated to Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock (and even got a fantastic pen pal out of it!). And here we all are, a community of our own, because we love books so much, we decided to blog about them. I’ve been blogging for just over a year now and it never fails to amaze me how lovely everyone is.

Here’s a small list of reasons why fans make awesome friends.

You’ll never run out of things to talk about

For one, you can do like my cousin and I did and basically name all the fandoms ever to see what else you have in common. But other than that, if your conversation happens to hit a roadblock, you can always revert back to what initially made you friends. I mean, can you imagine running out of things to talk about when it comes to Harry Potter? Yeah, me neither. I can go on for years, bud. And look at ALL OF THE BOOKS you’ve read! That’s a lot of books. I bet you have some books in common. I bet you could talk for ages about that.

They’re passionate

I’m not the most passionate person out there — in fact, the one thing that really bugs me about myself is that I haven’t found a true passion yet. Still, there are certain things I really like and know I can spend hours, days, weeks, months, years on. Such is the same with everyone else in the fandom. Not only that, but some of them are a creative bunch, and they’ll make the most beautiful artwork (see drawings above), stories, and other geekery. There are no limits to what fans can do with what they’ve given (see Sherlock fandom — we don’t have a lot, but boy do we make use of it).

You have a lot in common

Yes, we do! Hello, you! Since you’re reading my blog, I bet you’re into reading and blogging, unless you’re either my mom or Maraia (hello!). And maybe you like writing too, or baking nice things, or playing games, or watching TV, or perhaps we simply like some of the same genres and/or books. The thing is that you and I can be very different people — worlds of different! — but we will still find a way to get along because of those few things we both like.

They’re open-minded and open-hearted

A small minority not included, fans are usually a very tolerant people. If you don’t think about the ship wars or the “I loved it first” fights or “he’s mine!” arguments, fandoms are open for everyone, no matter what gender or size or race or what kind of pie you like. As long as there’s that thing we think is cool and you think it’s cool too, you’re welcome to join us and we’ll talk about the thing that’s cool for hours.

And I think that’s pretty cool.

Are you in many fandoms? Do you feel the same way?

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24 responses to “Why Fans Make Great Friends

  1. inge i love this post because it is SO TRUE. i think we can all relate to this, being apart of the book blogging community, as books (and blogging as well) have all brought us together in some way. i’m so fortunate to have met and talked to so many wonderful people and all because of our shared love of books. i think that’s a super awesome and beautiful thing. i met a friend of mine the same way this past year. she was in some of my classes and we got to talking and it turned out she liked reading as well so suddenly we had all this stuff to talk about and now we’re really close. so yeah, it’s definitely a lot easier when someone has common interests as you because you already have so much you can talk about!

    • I just really love when that happens! Once you get stuck on the topic of books, it’s really hard to get out of that, hahaha. I had a college friend and we’d been in the same classes for years, but then all of a sudden we realised we both liked reading English YA, so we suddenly had all these books to lend to each other! Good days…

  2. I agree! Fans can be such generous, kind and amazing people! My first year at university, I made my first friend the same way. Through our love for TV shows & books. Even though she moved to the US 2 years ago, I still consider her to be one of my best friends. I rarely get to see her but every time we talk, it’s like we’re still on the same page. 😀

    • There’s that instant connection when you realise you both like the same books or TV shows. Like, “Oh, this person likes the same things I do, so they must be awesome”. 😀 I have the same with one of my best friends, she also moved to the States but things haven’t changed for us. It’s a great feeling.

  3. It’s soooo much easier to talk to people about nerdy/geeky things. *nods* I CANNOT AGREE MORE. Although, tbh, I never meet anyone in real life who likes the same fandoms I do. BUT I MADE SO MANY INTERNET FRIENDS THIS WAY. Like a blogger and I were kinda friends and then…KABOOM…we realised we had a mutual love of Supernatural and then were messaging like fiends for days and days and MONTHS. It was glorious. Fandom fuelled friendship are the best. XD

    • Oh, the IRL happened to me this one time, otherwise it’s all of the internet friends. Fandoms create the best friendships! You simply cannot run out of things to discuss. Especially with Supernatural. If you hit a slight bump you can just go, “So… Jensen, am I right?”

  4. Last week, I went to visit a friend. It was five of us, and I mostly just knew her well enough to easily talk to her. Then someone brought up pokémon, and we spent like one hour bonding over it. Good times. 😀

    • Haha, that is awesome! I was once out for drinks with a large friends group, and all of a sudden the bar started playing the Pokémon theme song. We dropped our conversation and all started singing along!

  5. *waves* This post made my day! <3

    Besides the shout out, I also love everything else about this post. Yes yes yes to all of this. A mutual love of Harry Potter is instant friendship material, and it makes me so happy. We can meet someone from anywhere in the world and have this huge, special connection. I don't see that changing anytime soon. It's like automatic cool points or something. I love being part of this awesome community of people who never tire of talking about books and are all the things you said: passionate and open-minded and accepting and just all-around wonderful.

    I used to be a huge LotR nerd. I still love it, but without new movies (or books, obviously) coming out, my passion isn't quite as intense, haha. But that was another thing I can always bond with people over.

    • I just love that Harry Potter continues to be incredibly relevant, even though the books and the movies have all come out. Now we’re getting new movies and a play and a colouring book and Pottermore is going through revisions and J.K. Rowling is on Twitter… and it will always be one of the most important things in our lives, and that’s awesome.

      LOTR is also a classic. I have to admit I’m not such a big fan of the books — the pace is too slow for me — but the movies are brilliant, and I really appreciate the massive world Tolkien has created. There’s so much to it.

  6. Oh yes, best friends come from being in the same fandom. I have met someone through a writing community who is basically in every fandom I am in, and loves blogging, booktube and books as well. Love her <3 And my best friend who I have grown up with for half my life loves Doctor Who and Sherlock like me! I do think a similar passion does drive you together.

  7. I completely agree with you! Most of my really good friends that I have now were made through a Harry Potter roleplaying group on Hogwarts. 🙂 And you and I became friends because of our hate for the last books in the House of Night series. ;]

  8. Very true. I wish knew more people who were fans of the same stuff. I have topics I would love to talk to people about, but can’t because I don’t know anyone else who is a fan!

    I’d love to eavesdrop on a ‘Deathsworn Arc’ fan’s conversation, unfortunately I don’t think there’s enough for them to ever be likely to meet 🙁

  9. This post is so true! Sadly I haven’t found anyone in real life who shares my fandoms or passions, but I have tons of internet friends like that and it’s amazing! And it’s so awesome that we never run out of things to talk about!

  10. I love this post so much! I want to give it a hugs because YES, YES, YES! Fans = the best friend possible. It means you never, ever run out of things to talk about / fangirl over, especially if you are both Potterheads. I agree with this so much! <3

  11. I think I used to be in A LOT of fandoms, I think somewhere along the line, I just became a fan. I like Harry Potter, but I don’t LOVE it. I like Sherlock, but I don’t LOVE it. I liked Doctor Who, but I haven’t watched it in over two years – I just go off things and suddenly, because I’m not passionate about it anymore, like you featured, I feel as though I’m not part of those fandoms anymore. However, I can understand how fans make awesome friends – it’s the same as anything, if someone likes the same thing as you, you get attached, you can’t help it! Wonderful post Inge! 🙂

  12. I have made some of my closest friends through the gaming community and after many years together, we have just so much to talk about! It’s definitely wonderful making friends with similar interests and fandoms that you can get excited together about <3

  13. Saskia

    Ahh damn it. I missed that you mentioned me here because I was in London and had NO INTERNET -.-
    I am sorry, I will make it up to you 😀

  14. TRUER WORDS WERE NEVER SPOKEN. I know I’ve met some of my best friends in the world through fandom – and after all, are the truest friendships not formed around mutual loves? I’ve met and talked with an absurd amount of incredible people not only online, but also IRL (geeky Halloween costumes, yo – I went as the angel Castiel from Supernatural last year and made at least three or four friends off of it just from people who yelled “Hey, Cas!” as I walked down the street). 😉 Fandom friends are the best friends, tbh. <3

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