Percy Jackson Broke My Feelings (But Mostly Luke) // Spoilers!

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I read Percy Jackson for the first time.

It broke my feelings.

Warning: spoilers for the full Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

I’ve always wanted to read the Percy Jackson series — in fact, I read the first book in 2012 when I borrowed it from a friend and I absolutely loved it. I’d always wanted to continue the series, but with no access to decent libraries (English-wise) and me having to buy all the books I want to read, it just never happened. Until one day, a few months ago, when I was watching Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (I also think I’m one of the very few who actually enjoy those movies) and got the urge to buy the full box set. I’d just had my birthday so had a little bit of birthday money. Instant win!

Firstly, I re-read The Lightning Thief, because I remembered very little (book amnesia, hayooo) and wanted the full experience. So I read. And I loved. And I read and I loved some more. And I fell completely head-over-heels in love with Luke Castellan.

I have to admit that a big part of my crush is to blame on Jake Abel, the guy who plays Luke in the Percy Jackson movies. But there’s also the fact that we get to see Luke as a genuinely nice guy in the beginning, which is just sincerely attractive. Then he becomes the main villain, and… well, you know how much I love dem villains. All of it is just the perfect package.

Luke’s storyline breaks my heart. With a father who wasn’t there for him and a mother who went a little loco, it’s easy to imagine how Luke became the bitter child he was. How he felt the need to destroy Olympus and overthrow his father, how easy it was for Kronos to guide him into the shadows. Especially during the last book, The Last Olympian, when we see Luke actually fighting Kronos over his own body and we get to know more and more about his sad past. What’s so tragic is you can’t help but wonder about “what could have been”. What if, what if, what if… He could have been saved. And that’s the part that tugs at my heartstrings — I keep wanting to reread the series in the hopes that Luke’s storyline has changed for the better.

It broke all of my feelings. Especially in The Battle of the Labyrinth, the last line of Annabeth’s prophecy really got to me: “And lose a love to worse than dead”. I lost it. I don’t get a lot of emotions over books — it takes an awful lot to get me to feel anything when I’m reading a book or watching a movie. But this series BROKE ME. I felt so awful and I just wanted to cry and give Luke a hug and tell him he’s loved.


“My son Luke is dead. He died believing I didn’t care about him. I will never forgive myself.”

I watched this video right after finishing The Last Olympian. Bad idea. Here, have a case of massive feels for our traitorous hero:

Okay, now that the depressing part is over, I’d like to talk about some other cool things in the series.

The humour

The best thing about the Percy Jackson series was that it was fun to read. Riordan based this entire series around Greek mythology, but it was also clear to see that he decided to fuck it and just have fun with it. I loved that he took the more ridiculous parts of Greek mythology and made fun of them. I love that, while he respected the mythology, he also went his own creative way with it. There were just so many situations and dialogues that made me laugh.

Then there was Percy, who is the master of sass:

“So Zeus sent this magical flying ram with golden wool, which picked them up in Greece and carried them all the way to Colchis in Asia Minor. Well, actually it carried Cadmus. Europa fell off and died along the way, but that’s not important.”

“It was probably important to her.”

Attaboy, Percy.

And this quote perfectly explains the strain of being a son of Hades:

“With great power . . . comes great need to take a nap. Wake me up later.”

The world

I love detailed world-building like this. A lot of people say this is Harry Potter with Greek mythology, and some people hate the series for it. And I did see a lot of similarities. A lot. A lot. But instead of resenting the series for it, why not just enjoy both? Percy Jackson was similar, but also different in many ways. The world-building was not as intricate, but rather more loose and more casual. I feel like I’m repeating myself here, but it just felt fun. Like the author honestly had a brilliant time writing it.

Camp Half-Blood sounds pretty cool, too. Not that I would want to go rock-climbing above a steaming pile of lava.

I’m also not too familiar with Greek mythology, so it was interesting to learn a thing or two about the gods and to blow some life into them.


Sorrynotsorry for mentioning him again.



So, yeah, this series has quickly become one of my favourites, and will be a world I will gladly return to over and over again. There’s a buttload of action, fantasy, awesome characters, a really healthy dose of humour, and Luke.

So… Luke, am I right?

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3 responses to “Percy Jackson Broke My Feelings (But Mostly Luke) // Spoilers!

  1. Yay! Another adult Percy Jackson fan!

    The series isn’t over though, there are five more books which are just as good!

    I didn’t read Percy Jackson for a long time either. I was such a fan of mythology I was afraid he’d get it all wrong, but he did a really good job. I love his sense of humor too! I’m sorry that you were sad about Luke. I was surprised so many characters died in a kids book! Great review!

    • Oh, yes, I know about all the follow-up books! I’ll have to get my hands on them sometime. But I’m going to savour them for now.

      I don’t think I’ll ever get over Luke.

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