How to Actually Be Productive

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About a week ago, I published a blog post in the assumption that you may have needed some help in appearing as productive as you possibly could, while actually not being productive. This time around, I’m going to give you a few tips on how to actually be productive and drown out all distractions. Sometimes we simply must get down to business, we need to get our butts into that seat and type away at our keyboards, and damn it if we won’t have results to show for our hard labour!

I hope these tips help.


Turn off the internet

I’m serious. The internet is a bottomless vortex and you will get lost in there forever if you don’t watch out. Turn it off.

Move to a deserted island where you don’t have internet

I’m only suggesting this for the safety of your productivity. This way, you will not even be tempted to just “take a peek” or “check Facebook for five minutes”. Resist the temptation.

Don’t cheat — turn off your phone’s wifi and mobile data

I see right through you, sonny. I know what you were thinking! Go on. I know it hurts a little bit in that part where your soul should be, but it really helps if you turn off your wifi and mobile data, as well.

What? You need to look something up?

You know, that’s just TOO BAD. You’re going to have to do that later. I’m telling you, you can’t be trusted. You wanna know why? Because the internet has links. And you’re going to click on them. Next thing you know, it’s six hours later and you haven’t written a damn word, but you’re all caught up on who’s currently the world’s most famous cat and a few series on Netflix. If you’re that lucky. Because sometimes, the internet swallows you whole. Once you start, you’ll never get out.

Find a buddy

This is actually a really good one — find a productivity buddy. Sometimes it’s difficult to discipline yourself constantly and you’ll find yourself giving up on a project because you can’t bring yourself to work on it anymore. What’s motivating is the fact that you know someone else out there is working alongside you. Despite the fact that you’re both working on different things, it helps to know someone else is being productive. You’re not just doing it for yourself anymore, you’re supporting them as well. Set aside a time and date, tell each other what you’re going to do, and report back. I’ve been doing this recently with a friend of mine and it’s been really good for me.

Make a schedule and stick to it

Another really good one — if there’s no feeling of “I have to work now”, there’s a chance you’ll work “whenever you feel like it”, which, let’s face it, is not that often. Why work when you could be playing games or reading a really good book? Books are fun, work is not! But if you set aside a few hours a week for work, it’s really easy to stick to that and not get distracted by the evil creation that is the internet. Because there’s time for that later.

Okay, so this post was probably half-helpful, and everyone has a different way of boosting their productivity. Find something that works for you. Give yourself deadlines, reward yourself, get someone else to motivate you, set a timer… there’s really a plethora of tips out there because us humanspersons get distracted so easily these da– OH MY GOD A SQUIRREL.

How do you stay productive?


7 responses to “How to Actually Be Productive

  1. But the internet is my homeeeeee. I can’t abandon home, Inge! I would be nationless. If I were in an airport I would never be able to get out again, because there’d be nowhere to go to. DO YOU WANT ME TO BE TRAPPED IN AN AIRPORT FOREVER??

    I’m trying to recall when I’m actually productive to find out how to replicate the exact situation. I think pretty much just when 1) I ABSOLUTELY have to be, or I’ll miss an important deadline OR 2) when I feel very guilty about not doing it (though that’s pretty much just a constant state now, so I guess that only works in combination with 1). And sometimes I’m really productive doing something other than what I should be doing, but that’s still being productive, so lalala I can’t hear you. And then, every once in a blue moon, I’m productive for no particular reason other than that I enjoy doing what I’m doing. That only happens with personal projects like blogging, vlogging or writing though.

    Basically, I’m screwed.

  2. Yes! Turning off the internet is definitely the biggest thing. Whenever I do NaNoWriMo I have to turn everything off and stick to it otherwise I get nowhere… It is useful, but it’s also such a HUUUGE source of procrastination.

  3. Bahahha, this is GREAT. I mainly stick to a schedule. I don’t turn off my internet because…>_> GAH DON’T GIVE ME ANXIETY LIKE THAT, INGE. But I’m actually not too bad at settling down and not getting distracted. Even if I’m like “Not even looking at the internet for an hour, not even a peek”. *nods* It works for me. Particularly if I’m writing. I’ll totally write for an hour and not get distracted, and then take a 5min internet break, and then go back to writing. XD Because the reward of having done it is enough motivation for me.

  4. Ahaha, I loved all the ones centered around internet! And I’m serious because that one is a pretty big issue for a lot of people and the main source of constant distraction. Making a schedule and lists of what I need to do often feels very rewarding for myself when I get to cross things off and helps me stay quite focused as well!

  5. I can’t turn off the internet. I just can’t! Especially since I do everything USING the internet, you see. Like, I write the posts in the online post thingy. And I write in Google Docs, because I am generally awful at remembering to save stuff, and Google Docs does it for me. So yeah. Actually, as I am typing this, I should be doing about 4 other things- but I have also been meaning to comment on this post for about 4 days so you see how tricky this can get. Your advice is probably spot on- I may need to find alternative solutions to my problems (ie, needing places to write and how to actually review a book without looking book info up on Goodreads/Amazon) and maybe I will get something done? Maybe not though. I can still stare at the walls or something, after all 😉

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