These Are A Few of My Favourite Ships

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Hello! Because it’s Valentine’s Day in a few days and we are all single ladies who spend more time in the fictional world than in the real one, we thought it would be obvious to talk about our favourite OTPs. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the lingo (hi, mom!), OTP stands for “one true pairing” and “shipping” two people means you’d love to see them get together for texting and scones. (Cue Dido’s “I will go down with this ship”).

So here are a few of my favourite ships.

Shamy, The Big Bang Theory

I DIE FOR THE SHAMY. Shamy is the mothership of ships. Seriously, these two have the most fun relationship I’ve ever watched. They’re so weird and dysfunctional and nerdy but it just works, you know? They make compromises for each other and they genuinely love each other. Sheldon goes way out of his comfort zone to make Amy happy, and Amy bakes him his meemaw’s cookies and writes Little House on the Prairie fanfiction about him and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I love them to bits.

Fitzsimmons, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I’ve only watched the first season, but I’ve been shipping these two from the very beginning. The fact that they’re together so often and so in sync that everyone calls them Fitzsimmons (instead of Fitz and Simmons) is so cute. They just match so well and they’re the best of friends. I need to get on with season two.

Neville & Luna, Harry Potter

So this didn’t actually happen in the books, but it sort of happened in the movies, and I really got into the idea. I think Neville and Luna would be perfect together. Neville would be extremely patient and accepting of Luna’s weirdness, and she would bring out the best in him, making him a permanent BAMF. Yes, I dig these two.

Lestrade & Molly, Sherlock

Can everyone just look at that gif and appreciate the way Lestrade’s mouth falls open at the sight of Molly in her beautiful dress? Ever since season 3 ended, Rupert Graves has been telling everyone that Lestrade has a huge thing for Molly Hooper and likes to imagine them doing filthy things together. I absolutely love this idea. God knows Lestrade could use a little lovin’ and I think he would make Molly very happy.

Hyde & Donna, That ’70s Show

That ’70s Show is my favourite series of ever. I’m sad that this never actually happened Instead, they made a whole episode dedicated to all the things that could go wrong if Donna and Hyde ever got together, and I was just sitting there all, “STOP BLOWING HOLES IN MY SHIP!” I loved the easiness of their friendship and the way they have always been comfortable around each other. They always made each other laugh. They would have been an amazing couple.

What do you think about my OTPs? Who do you ship?

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9 responses to “These Are A Few of My Favourite Ships

  1. YES. YES. YES TO FITZSIMMONS. I absolutely love those two more than anything, and they’re the main reason I binge watched the entire first season. They’re just so so cute, and the feels and AH! Also, I’m totally up for Lestrade/Molly. I never really thought of it before, but now…What have you done to me, Inge????

  2. Aww, I love the ships! Yes, Shamy and Neville + Luna because Luna is so cool and awesome and just doesn’t give a damn about what people think of her, and Neville was so BAMF, esp. in the last book. YASSS!! I’ve never seen Agents of SHIELD, but when I read Avengers fanfic and Fitzsimmons “was” mentioned, I got confused when it was talking about two people. And that gif is lovely, so I’m gonna haul ass and watch Agents soon.

    Also, I love Sense8’s Wolfgang and Kala, and Lito and Hernando! Super cute couples <3

  3. In my last TTT I talked about my ships as well lol. I recently got into Agents of Shield and binge watched the first two seasons before the third one aired. I LOVE Fitzsimmons! They are so cute and know each other so well. They are relationship goals (but without the almost dying and getting sent to alien planets). I also really liked Donna and Hyde, they just fit so well together!

  4. Omg I can TOTALLY see Lestrade and Molly!! And goodness knows they’d be better than Sherlock/Molly…I…I don’t get that ship at all. hmph. ANYWAY. XD I also think Luna and Neville would be adorable. <3 Although *whispers* I want to ship Luna and Harry. I KNOW IT DIDN'T EVEN NEARLY HAPPEN BUT THAT'S WHAT I WOULD LIKE. :')

  5. Shamy are so completely adorable, I ship them as well! I didn’t like the start of the season where it’d taken a wrong turn 😛 I didn’t actually pick up on Neville and Luna, but that’s super cute! Happy valentines day Inge!

  6. Shamy is awesome! And I can get behind Fitzsimmons, even though it seems like he’s more into her romantically than she’s into him. I need to watch season two too! Neville and Luna was always the most obvious thing to me when I read the books first, but I also like Neville with Hannah, the awesome barkeeper. 😀 And someone threw Neville and Ginny into the ring and I think it might actually kind of make sense maybe after book 7 and the DA thing? I don’t even care, as long as Neville is happy and awkwardly badass. <3

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