Why FairyLoot Is The Bomb

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So we are currently very much in love with FairyLoot. FairyLoot is a monthly subscription box dedicated to fantasy books. Each box contains one recent release (max. 7 weeks old) in hardcover print, with a few bookish goodies (such as candles and Funko pops) and some swag, such as signed cards and bookmarks. It’s quite a new subscription box, but since we’ve been gushing over it ever since it was 5 minutes old, we thought we’d share a bit of our love on the blog today.

The April package, themed Intrigue // Instagram
The April package, themed Intrigue // Instagram

The beauty that is Anissa

Anissa is the creator of She Reads Too MuchΒ and the founder of the FairyLoot subscription box. Over the months of FairyLoot’s existence, we’ve gotten to know Anissa better and discovered that she’s an incredibly lovely and hilarious human being. She’s definitely not above fangirling like there’s no tomorrow, and is immensely appreciative of everyone who shows her and her FairyLoot box some love.

She’s also extremely gorgeous, but don’t let her pretty face distract you.

The March package, themed Retelling // Instagram
The March package, themed Retelling // Instagram


We here at Of Wonderland go weak at the knees for a really good fantasy book, so the idea of a new book every month is incredibly tempting. Each month is based on a theme. So far, we’ve had retelling, intrigue, high fantasy, and classic twist. July’s theme is pirates, and August’s is dark deeds. This guarantees that there’s a little bit for everyone in the box.


FairyLoot is very community-based. For instance, it has this really cool thing where you get an exclusive hashtag with your box. Only two people get this hashtag – the other person is your buddy read! Find your buddy using the hashtag on Twitter and set up a date so you can read and discuss the book together. I thought this was a really fun initiative, and it’s led me to some interesting conversations.


They also host a #FairyChat each month, which usually has some teasers for the next book, a giveaway or two, and often the author of the next box’s book will join you too.

And that’s only a very small list of why FairyLoot is so magical! Why not try a box for yourself? Their fairies are thrilled to pay you a visit!Β FairyLoot. The place for all your bookish wants.

What’s your favourite FairyLoot box so far?


11 responses to “Why FairyLoot Is The Bomb

  1. I’ve been gushing over this subscription box for so long!! I seriously need to try it out. Not to mention that my name is also Anissa which means that it’s even more awesome than I originally thought! Lol πŸ˜€

  2. I haven’t ordered a FairyLoot before because shipping is so $$$ but I’m so tempted! While I would choose Uppercase or Owlcrate because of the name and its popularity, the main reason I’d choose FairyLoot is because Anissa. She’s incredibly interactive and just a very nice person all around. The Intrigue package looks nice though!

    Jess @ POB!

  3. *stares gloomily at empty wallet* I WISH I had enough money for a subscription box- and this one looks so good!! I’ve been staring at the site for ages, but it has all been sold out till August! Maybe September. When I get around to that bank robbery I’ve been planning.

    • You should subscribe to the newsletter! That way you’ll get notified when the boxes go on sale. They can sell out rather quickly. But it’s really worth a try πŸ˜€

  4. Wait, does this ship to the US by any chance? Or maybe I should just subscribe when I’m abroad next year because this sounds AMAZING! I haven’t done a buddy read in so long and would love to meet other bibliophiles so this seems like so much FUN (not to mention…BOOKS!). Thanks for introducing me to this one, Inge! <3 (Also, sorry I haven't had time to visit the blog before–I haven't had any internet connection in India for awhile! But it is BEAUTIFUL and I'm loving the posts! Expect more random comments on previous posts to come!)

    • It should ship to the US, but shipping would probably be quite costly! I don’t know, you can check on the website, though. Definitely do consider it while you’re in Europe.

      It’s so lovely to see you on the blog, what a great surprise! That totally made my day. And you know where to find me if you ever want to buddy read something!

  5. THIS IS AMAZING. WHY DID I ONLY SEE THIS NOW? Is this international? I absolutely love fantasy books and I love the motive of FairyLoot <3 This is a job well done and it amazes me so much! Thanks for posting about this Inge; surely, FairyLoot is the bomb πŸ˜€

    • I’m glad this post has made people more aware of its existence! It’s really such a good subscription box and the owner is incredibly kind.

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