Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: Percy Jackson Dating Profiles

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Hello! How have you been doing these past few days? I hope you’re all enjoying our Read-a-thon, I know we are! Stay tuned for more challenges. If you’d like to get ahead of the challenges, take a look at the document here. In the meantime, I’ve put together a few dating profiles for you. Can you guess who they are? Would you date any of them? (To be fair, I didn’t pick candidates based on their desirability, but more because their profiles would be fun to put together. I thought of me only, because I am selfish that way.)


Candidate number one

Age: I’m still very young but I’m a fast grower!

Gender: I’m a boy!

Relationship status: Enjoying life

Children: Yes, definitely when I’m older!

Fitness/body type: Very tall and strong!

Education: Oh, I’ve learned a lot from my daddy and my big brother!

Income: Can I get paid in peanut butter?

Occupation: I love my job because I get to blow lots of stuff up, yay!

Likes: Oh, I like loads of things! Like horses and pegasi and hippocampi and Annabeth and peanut butter. Oh, and I like it when Percy is not dead!

Dislikes: Satyrs, they scare me!

Looking for: I just want to have fun!


Candidate number two

Age: I am timeless.

Gender: Male.

Relationship status: More wine, dear?

Children: Two sons and a handful of others

Fitness/body type: More to love, shall we say?

Education: My knowledge is vast and I am exceptionally skilled. Shall I show you?

Income: Please, I don’t need an income, Peter Johnson. I am all-powerful. However, there is a certain sentence I’d like to get rid of. In fact, I’d like to be rid of all of you pesky demigods.

Occupation: Pfah! Only because they made me.

Likes: Wine, mostly.

Dislikes: Demigods.

Looking for: I don’t think you could handle me.


Candidate number three

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Relationship status: Yeah, I kind of have a boyfriend. I don’t know why I’m even filling this in, honestly.

Children: None, but I would definitely love to pass on my knowledge.

Fitness/body type: I’m probably in better shape than you. How about you fight me and I kick your butt?

Education: I’ve spent many years at Camp Half-Blood.

Income: None.

Occupation: Being a demigod is a full-time job. I also have to make sure these morons don’t get into trouble.

Likes: Intelligence, bravery, architecture.

Dislikes: Morons, spiders, Cyclopes.

Looking for: I like a man with a brain, but also someone who is kind.



So there’s that! Did you recognise them all? Would you date any of them? If not, do you have a book boyfriend/girlfriend in the series?

For me, it’s pretty clear who *I’d* date.


Not just because he is hella fine (although Jake Abel is about 85% of what makes Luke Castellan so attractive), but also because I’m a big sucker for the antihero or the villain. His storyline is such an interesting (and tragic) one and I just want to go out there and give him a really big hug. WHO’S A GOOD BOY? YES YOU ARE. *squishes cheeks* He can be really charming and funny when he wants to be, so the perfect fanfiction stems from wondering what if…? Therein lies the magnetic pull.

If you’ve created dating profiles of your own, make sure you link up here:

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3 responses to “Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon: Percy Jackson Dating Profiles

  1. This is so fun! I quite like candidate number one, sounds like a very fun character who I think I know ?? I would make my own dating profiles for the characters but I don’t know them that well ?

  2. This is so much fun! Who would I choose? Well, #2 kind of scares me. And while I think #1 is lovable, I wouldn’t want to go out on a date with him! Although he’s so adorable. So 3 it is! I think life with one of the Stoll brothers would be so interesting. Always a prank to pull off, and a moment to laugh 😀

  3. Olivia-Savannah

    Hehe I just loved this one! I also really liked it because I could recognise who they were as I was reading. Number two is NOT someone who I would be choosing. I know I would choose number three, but we could skip the whole dating thing (she does have a boyfriend after all) and just get to the best friends part 😀

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