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Hello! I nicked this tag from Ari @ Pages of Worlds, because a) it’s Harry Potter, and b) it’s Harry Potter. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Harry Potter so I thought a post about Harry Potter was overdue because I do like talking about Harry Potter because the Harry Potter books are my favourite series of ever and I always fall back on the Harry Potter movies when I’m really sad and I’m also seeing the Harry Potter Exhibition in Brussels in July so I’m really excited about that and we should talk more about Harry Potter. Harry Potter.

What is your favourite book?

You know, I’ve never been able to pick a favourite. It’s either Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, or Order of the Phoenix. So… Prisoner of Fire of the Phoenix? Does that count?

What is your favourite film?

Uh, something like that as well, haha. Prisoner of the Fire of the Phoenix. *nods vigorously*

What is your least favourite book?

I mean… I don’t have a least favourite book? But if I had to choose, I would probably go for Chamber of Secrets. I don’t know, it seems like this is everyone’s pick.

What is your least favourite film?

Maybe Deathly Hallows Part 1, because I felt like there wasn’t a lot going on in that one. But again, it’s not like I didn’t like it, because we have Molly & Arthur dancing together and Luna & Xenophilius dancing together and Harry & Hermione dancing together and those are beautiful things.

Parts of the books/films that made you cry.

Where do I start? I tear up every time Sirius Black is mentioned. I’ve grown so attached to that character, it’s unreal. So naturally, his death scene is always a punch in the gut. As is Fred Weasley’s. Though I watched Philosopher’s Stone a while back and just started tearing up at random moments because I got nostalgic and clearly I’m a mess.

“His first FLYING LESSON! Oh, he’s growing up.” *chomps on chocolate*

If you could hook up with any character, who would it be?

There are a fair few characters I wouldn’t kick out of bed (e.g. Draco Malfoy, Oliver Wood). But my favourite hook-ups would definitely be Sirius and Fred. (I am a total Hogwarts hussy. No shame.)

Who is your favourite character?

Sirius Black and the Weasley twins are my absolute favourites, but I’m also incredibly fond of Minerva McGonagall, Luna Lovegood, Remus Lupin, and Molly & Arthur Weasley. It sort of goes to show that I always lean towards the characters who make me laugh.

Who is your least favourite character?



I would like to poke her in the face with a giant cactus.

What is your least favourite line?

Is this even a thing? Let’s talk about FAVOURITE lines instead. Like,

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”


“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

Or any time McGonagall is being a total badass. It’s a total coincidence that those are both Dumbledore quotes, by the way. He’s just a very quotable guy.

What would your Patronus be?

Naturally, my Patronus would be a sloth. I’m not sure how much good that would do against a large group of Dementors, but it’s who I am inside, and he would definitely make me smile. He would eat some leaves and hug you and give you flowers.

If you could have the resurrection stone, the elder wand, or the invisibility cloak, which would it be?

Since the Resurrection Stone doesn’t truly bring people back, I will go with the invisibility cloak. I would go on a trolling spree and just prank the hell out of everyone.

Which House would you be in?

Hufflepuff. We are kind and true and definitely not just a bunch of turnips.

If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?

Guhh. Emma Watson, Tom Felton, Alan Rickman (RIP ♥), James & Oliver Phelps, Maggie Smith, Evanna Lynch, Rupert Grint, Gary Oldman, David Thewlis, Daniel Radcliffe, Julie Walters… oh, and the others as well.

If you were on the Quidditch team, which position would you play?

I would be cheering on the sidelines, from a safe distance where there’s no chance of me getting face-planted by a rogue Bludger – because let’s face it, that would inevitably happen.

Were you happy with the ending?

Yeah. I mean, there are definitely a few deaths I will never recover from, but the seventh book really did wrap things up nicely. I love how all the books had some sort of foreshadowing for later events. It was planned meticulously.

How much does Harry Potter mean to me?

Hogwarts is my second home. It’s my happy place. It’s where I go when reality becomes too much for me. I love visiting it time and time again and hanging out with my favourite characters.


If you’d like to do this challenge, I tag YOU!

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12 responses to “The Harry Potter Book Tag

  1. We did a different Harry Potter on our blog, but now I’m feeling really tempted to do this one as well 😀 Love your answers, Inge! I’m pretty darn sure I’ll stick to the sidelines when it comes to Quidditch, too- I’m hopeless enough with my feet planted on the ground as it is. Me? Airborne? Nah.

    Ruzaika @ The Regal Critiques

    • Hahahaha things would go horribly wrong if I ever so much as touched a broom. I think I would love flying, though. Just that feeling of freedom as you soar through the air… but preferably not while there are Bludgers trying to hit you in the face.

  2. This post made me so happy to read! I love “Prisoner of the Fire of the Phoenix.” I’m definitely doing to use that in the future, haha.

    “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” is my favorite quote of all time! <3

    • It is such a beautiful and meaningful quote. I love these quotes because they mean so much in terms of depression and other mental illness. I love J.K. Rowling for speaking so openly about her depression. The woman is amazing.

  3. I must keep this tag in mind because I totally want to do it when I have finished reading all the books. I have only read the first two so far (the first being a reread from when I read it when I was, like, nine). Even though I haven’t read the others, I can kind of understand why Chamber of Secrets is your least favourite, haha. I was kind of bored with that one, and it definitely wasn’t as good as the first!

    I think it’s so awesome how much Harry Potter means to people – and so many of them at that! I’m super glad that you’ve found a second home in these books and movies, Inge <3

    • Oh, you’ve got quite a way to go, then! You’re totally in for a treat — the first two books sound a lot younger and work as a bit of an introduction to the series, but now everyone gets older and deeper topics are discussed. You’re going to love it.

  4. Yay, Harry Potter! 🙂
    My favourite characters have always been Sirius Black and the Weasley twins too (oh, and Lupin!), so naturally their deaths were the ones I found the saddest. My absolute favourite book from the series is definitely the Order of the Phoenix, and I think that’s partly because it’s the longest (and I always wished the Harry Potter books would just never end!) and because it featured the most Sirius Black, plus it included the Weasley twins epic exit from Hogwarts!
    This is such an awesome tag! 🙂

    • The length of Order of the Phoenix used to bother me when I was younger, but I’ve learned to really appreciate the book and now it’s one of my favourites. Mostly because it features a lot of Sirius Black 😉 and we get to see some rebellion! The Weasleys’ epic exit — and one of my favourite parts, McGonagall whispering to Peeves, “It unscrews the other way.”

  5. This tag is so fun! My answers would have been fairly similar, particularly favorite book/film and characters. I’m definitely going to start using Prisoner of Fire of the Phoenix 😀

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