The Of Wonderland Book Club Coming to You In 2017! #OWBookClub

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Hello, wonderlings!

We are beyond excited to tell you all about a brand new, super fun feature on our blog that we will be introducing at the start of the new year: the Of Wonderland book club! You all know what a book club does — the idea is that we all read a book together and discuss it. But ours will come with a little twist…


So what makes ours different from other book clubs?

Instead of sending you off to the book store to buy a book every month, we’ve decided not to fall on a title, but on a category, e.g. fantasy, blue cover, 400+ pages, set in a different country. These categories should be general enough so that you can find a book that may already be on your shelf to read! This will hopefully allow more people to join us and please everyone in the process. This category will be announced on the blog and on Twitter on the first day of every month, and then you will have a month to read a book to fit that category.

It’s going to be really interactive too!

This is going to be YOUR book club. We’ll be deciding on the category for January 1st, but in that same blog post, we’ll have a poll with a bunch of categories from which you can choose. The one with the most votes will be February’s read. When we announce the category on February 1st, there’ll be a new poll, and so on. You’re in charge of the reads. You can always send us an e-mail or a tweet with category suggestions so we can add them to the polls.

You can talk about the book club on any of our blog posts, or on Twitter using the hashtag #owbookclub. We’ll also be including link-ups to our posts, so you can add links to every review and other posts relating to your month’s read(s)!

We will also be hosting a Twitter chat on the third Saturday of every month at 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 7 PM GMT (times may vary but we’ll let you know via Twitter if anything changes — in any case, we’ll always announce it in the blog post on the first of every month, as well as on Twitter)! This will be an opportunity for loads of readers to be online at the same time, so you can all chat about what you’ve been reading.

So those are our first announcements in terms of this new feature. We are honestly so excited about this and can’t wait to get started! You and us, January 1st, on this blog. Let’s make this a good one.

Will you be joining us?


21 responses to “The Of Wonderland Book Club Coming to You In 2017! #OWBookClub

  1. Saskia

    OMG yessssss this is a brilliant idea! inalways wanted to be part of a book club. This is so cool and I really like the “twist”. I am really looking forward to January 😀

    • Aly

      Hopefully, it means everybody can join us because with categories, you can pick a book that’s already on your TBR rather than going out and buying one. That pesky TBR pile looks only mildly terrifying now. 😛

  2. SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!! I’ve been looking for an online book club to join of late and nothing’s caught my interest BUT THIS IS PERFECT AND I’M SO HAPPY. *jumps up and down*

  3. I was thinking about skipping any reading challenge next year (except for the one on Goodreads) This sounds like something fun to do for extra, without having too many rules. I’m definitely interested 😀

    • Aly

      We are so pumped for everybody’s enthusiasm! Keeping it casual will definitely help us, too. No one wants to be drowning in work all the time. Can’t wait for it to start! Make sure you follow us on our social media so an not to miss out on anything!

    • Aly

      We are so happy about this! We will definitely be posting more about it, both on Twitter and on here, so make sure you follow our social media so as not to miss out on anything!

    • Aly

      We’re really excited, too! I hope you can join us. We thought with having a theme, it might make it easier for people to get through their mountainous TBRs! 😛

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