UNBOXING: FairyLoot’s September Box

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Magic & Mayhem


YOU GUYSSSSS. FairyLoot has done it again, with an amazing box to tide us over until October. September’s theme was “Magic & Mayhem” with items inspired by the Grisha trilogy and Russian folklore. It was absolutely packed when it arrived, and when I went to put everything back in the box, the lid wouldn’t shut properly and now it looks slightly like a decrepit mountain. Oops.

Without further ado: the unboxing.

Items #1-4: Candle, Six of Crows postcards & Grisha Notebook


The first items in the box were these beautiful postcards, poster, candle and notebook. The Grisha notebook is by Literary Emporium  and it is beautifully crafted to seem embossed and old. The candle is by Castle of Fables and three different candles went out with different Grisha orders. I got Etherealki and it smells amazing: like autumn, or cinnamon, or pumpkins. I’m in love!

The poster is by Goodnight Kittens and the design is so detailed and beautifully done — I couldn’t stop staring at it!


Item #5: Felix Felicis Sticker by Book Otter


How cute is this sticker? It was specifically created for September’s Fairyloot box by Book OtterI’m putting on my laptop so I can have some liquid luck wherever I go.

Item #6: Russian Doll Necklace by Pastel Clouds Jewelry 


I am so in love with this tiny Russian doll necklace by Pastel CloudsIt’s small and delicate, but the chain is of great quality, and the details are mind-blowing. I can’t wait to wear it wherever I go.

Item #7: ADSOM Buttons by Book Otter


Book Otter also created these exclusive A Darker Shade of Magic buttons for all the Kell and Red London lovers in the world. I love them so much, and I’m so happy to add more ADSOM swag to my collection.

Item #8: Bookmark by Behind the Pages


Behind the Pages creates amazing bookmarks, lip balms, soaps and posters, and she designed this exclusive bookmark of Vassa in the Night for the September box. It has foil art, so that it sparkles and shines in the light and it is absolutely beautiful. I already own a bunch of bookmarks, soaps and lip balms by Gina, and all her items are of fantastic quality and wonderfully done.

The Book: Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter


September’s book was Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter, and I am so excited to read it! It’s a retelling of Vassilissa the Beautiful, a Russian fairytale I’m excited to read before reading Vassa. The book came with a personalized letter, bookplate and a cute (yet creepy) store leaflet that seems to sell everything from blood to crackers.

As always, Anissa blew me away with this box. The dedication she puts into every box really shows whenever I receive mine. They always have a personal touch to them, and they are incredibly unique and magical. If you haven’t ordered one yet, I urge that you do! They are worth every penny.

You can purchase your own Fairyloot box here: https://www.fairyloot.com


Have you bought a Fairyloot box? Would you like to buy one? What did you think of September’s contents? Let me know in the comments below!


7 responses to “UNBOXING: FairyLoot’s September Box

  1. Omigod, THAT STICKER. It is just so cute. I can’t even..
    Sometimes I’m so jealous about these book boxes you guys get! I live in the middle of nowhere, no book boxes for me here. They are so awesome, it seems! How much stuff do they usually include? Is it, like, an actually BIG BOX? Really want one for Christmas, damn it 😀

    • Aly

      Isn’t it adorable?!
      And awww! I totally understand. Up until recently, I envied a lot of US people who got boxes like OwlCrate — the shipping prices are extortionate to the UK. So thank God FairyLoot exists!
      The boxes are relatively small, but JAM PACKED. Sometimes I need to wrestle with the lid to open it hahaha. There are usually 5-7 items included in the box, along with the book and swag. FairyLoot is definitely worth every penny. You should totally get yourself an early Christmas present! 😛

  2. Olivia-Savannah

    I so love subscription boxes, and this one looks so cool. I’ve been following Fairyloot on instagram since forever. I have to say, I really love the delicate look of the Russian Doll necklace! And the book sounds so good 😀 Can’t wait to read about your thoughts on that one!

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