TTT: Top Ten Books to Movies Recommendations

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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish in June 2010.

Hello, Wonderlings!

This week is a movie freebie, and I thought to write a post about my Top 5 best books to movies, and my Top 5 worst books to movies. All opinions are, of course, my own.

Top 5 Books to Movies

1. Lord of the Rings

Of course Lord of the Rings would be the first one on the list. I am absolutely in awe of Peter Jackson and all the work he did to bring Tolkien’s famous trilogy to life. The Fellowship of the Ring is the first movie in the trilogy, and I would happily buy all the special editions just to get more of Jackson’s real life magic.

2. Harry Potter

Yes, I know, the Harry Potter movie series is very different to the books. But I know that said differences are good. Although some movies miss important plot points, you cannot have everything from the books into a movie. Otherwise, you get a movie far longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy itself and the audience might very well end up being bored to death. Reminder: movies aren’t only aimed to us bookworms, but to the entire population.

I thought the Harry Potter series was incredibly well done, with great CGI and fantastic casting. I fell in love with Ron, Harry and Hermione as a kid, and their still-strong friendship now is something to admire and envy.

3. The Hobbit

Although The Hobbit doesn’t rank as high up for me as Lord of the Rings, I still loved the trilogy and almost cried when I couldn’t make it to the midnight showing because of work. I still watch The Hobbit religiously every time I have a day off, and dedicate hours to looking up fun facts about the movies on the internet. ONE SHOULD NEVER GROW UP. Be Bilbo Baggins instead.

The one thing that annoyed me was how they split the movie into three parts. Yes, it would’ve been incredibly long and boring, but still. The Hobbit is literally half the size of Lord of the Rings in book-size. Couldn’t the three-part thing have been avoided?

4. Alice in Wonderland

You’re surprised? Really? Every single Alice in Wonderland movie is my favorite, mostly because it’s Alice in Wonderland and it’s pretty hard to screw up. The newest Alice, with Johnny Depp, is definitely one of my favorites. Director Tim Burton (LOVE HIM) did a fantastic job in bringing to life Wonderland and all of its strange characters, including the Queen of Hearts and her murderous tendencies.

5. The Hunger Games

I absolutely loved The Hunger Games when they were just quiet, unnoticed books, but the movies are something else. If you haven’t watched the films, then prepare to cry buckets, because I don’t cry at movies, but my tear ducts were irreparably damaged with this one. Jennifer Lawrence was the perfect choice to cast as Katniss Everdeen, and she made me feel things I didn’t know were possible to feel. ALL THE FEELS.


Worst 5 Books to Movies

1. Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief

I was one of the few people who hadn’t read the Percy Jackson books before watching the film, but even after I’d read the first novel, I realized that the film was a huge, steaming pile of poop. Not only is the acting forced, the jokes I loved were rewritten, and even the plot sucked. Most people know what happens in the first Percy Jackson novel — Percy finds out he’s a demigod, the product of a Greek God and a human mother, and his hurled into an adventure he wants no part in. The adventure? To steal back Zeus’ lightning bolt from the Underworld.

The movie seemed like it mocked the original series, and its only saving grace was the beautiful, sexy, chiseled-faced Luke. *heart eyes*

2. Divergent


I have never, ever, ever fallen asleep in a cinema before, especially when watching a highly anticipated release. Not only did I sleep through the showing at the cinema, but I subsequently fell asleep through the Sky Movie Premier, the DVD my mother lovingly bought me, and a marathon a friend of mine hosted in which we all fell asleep during the first film. Suffice it to say, Divergent sucked. They took an exciting, action-packed book and made it into a two hour long snore-fest that could rival even the original Ben-Hur. Which I loved, by the way, so that’s saying something.

3. I Am Number Four

I have not read the books by Pittacus Lore and I have no intention to, but I Am Number Four sucked day-old lollipops and its only saving grace was that one shirtless scene Alex Pettyfer did. He is scrummy.



4. City of Bones

Ah yes, the best worst movie of the century definitely lands in the hands of Harald Zwart and his creation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I was one of the few people who really enjoyed the first three books in the Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices still remains one of my favourite trilogies of all time. And yes, I do know about the controversy of Cassandra Clare and all her books, but I do not like Clare — I like the books. To me, the two are wildly different.

Anyway, I didn’t go to see City of Bones when it came out in cinemas. In fact, I don’t even remember there being a showing for this movie, but I did watch it when it was available to download on Sky and it sucked. So. Bad. So much suck in 90 minutes really does give someone a tremendous headache. The casting was atrocious, the script was eye-bleeding and the acting hurt every single organ in my body. I might as well have pumped pure fat into my veins — it might have been healthier.

5. Eragon

I remember Eragon being one of the first high fantasy novels I read when we moved to the UK. I found the book, in perfect, glorious hardcover, in a charity shop for, like, £1 and I binge-read it in a week (it was quick for me at the time, okay) and fell in love with Eragon and Saphira.

And when the  movie came out, it must’ve been somewhat good because it hit $240m dollars at the box office, but to me, it sucked. It sucked because it was short, it sucked because the plot I loved in the book was cut and messed around with, it sucked because the small, subtle romance was completely different in the movie. I hated the guy who played Eragon, and hated Saphira and hated Stefen Fangmeier for destroying my favorite book and for sounding like an 18th century vampire.

I still have a lot of feelings for that movie. None of them are positive.


What are some of your favorite books to movies? Do you dislike some more than others? What books are you excited for the movies of? Let me know in the comments below!


7 responses to “TTT: Top Ten Books to Movies Recommendations

  1. The Bloglovin’ picture of this was Alex Pettyfer’s picture, so I was already all-in with this post. I do agree with your worst adaptations though. Do not even talk to me about Eragon. I loved that series, so dragged my family to the movies when it was released. Man, was I disappointed. Why you got to ruin it???? Still so angry.

  2. I must admit I giggled through this whole list because oh my god, yes to all of your picks – for best and worst! I’ve had the misfortune of watching all of the top five worst films and I think the worst for me was Percy Jackson – simply because oh goodness, I love that series with my whole heart & to see them botch the film was utterly horrifying. Like Lauren, I really wouldn’t mind a remake of that one, at least – but I will clutch my LoTR + Hobbit films to my heart forever & ever. <3

  3. I’ve never watched the Divergent movies and I don’t plan on it. I’m not usually a fan of YA, but I really liked this series, and I just knew the movies weren’t going to be for me. Sounds like they are a pretty good sedative for you! lol

  4. I am not a fan of The Hunger Games but I thought the first movie was a really good adaptation. Catching Fire on the other hand… Oh my gosh the Percy Jackson movies are terrible (but I’d still rewatch them). I also liked The Book Thief adaptation.

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