Reasons Why My Mother Is Awesome (AKA “A Christmas Cheesefest”)

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So usually I can easily come up with gifts to give to my mother. But because it’s Christmas time and my mum is so amazing, I always want to do something a little more personal than buying her stuff. Besides, it’s pretty ridiculous when your mum deserves her own island and all you can afford is a candle. Last year, I wrote her a letter. (Don’t worry, I still got her stuff besides the letter. It’s not an excuse to be cheap.) I figured I could write her another letter — I’m better at writing down my feelings, appreciation, love, and gratitude — but I wanted to do something else. A blog post it is, then. And if you can’t say these things on Christmas, when can you, eh?

Here are a bunch of reasons why I love my mum.

  • Mum still buys dog biscuits. We haven’t had a dog in over two years, but she still goes for walks and gives cookies to the neighbourhood dogs. They always get excited when they see her — I wonder why?
  • If a friend is going through a rough time, she sends them handwritten cards every single week to let them know she’s thinking of them.
  • It’s not a very long stretch, then, to say that she’s the one who taught me what true kindness is.
  • She watches movies with me. This may not sound very big, but it is, because the only movies she wants to watch are GreaseDirty Dancing, and Mamma Mia! But sometimes I can get her to watch a Disney movie or something else light-hearted.
  • She also tolerates my godawful taste in music during long drives (it helps with my anxiety).
  • For years, she talked about how she never wanted a Facebook account, but a few years ago, she finally caved. The reason? To look at pictures of cats.
  • Sometimes she buys me “the good stuff” (e.g. Oreos, Ben & Jerry’s).
  • She does everything for me without a complaint. I realise I’ve become a bit of a burden ever since I was diagnosed with anxiety and I rely on her a lot. She is there for me every step of the way.
  • Her mac ‘n’ cheese is the best. So is her pumpkin soup — it’s the ultimate comfort food. Also her potato stuffing.
  • Her handmade quilts are gifts of love.
A handmade quilt (!) based on my own bookshelf (!!) with tea and cats (!!!)
  • There is not a lot that will get her down. She doesn’t need any music to sing or dance to, and she’ll smile even when there’s nothing to smile about.
  • In an alternate universe, she would’ve been either a tap dancer or an astronaut.
  • I feel safe with her, even on my worst days. She helps me more than she will ever fathom.
  • Out of all the things she could have gotten me during her trip through Australia & New Zealand, she brought me back a stuffed penguin.
  • And when she went to the States, she bought me penguin pyjama pants.
  • She always shows an interest in my interests. She went to a Harry Potter exhibition with me and even read half of Philosopher’s Stone.
  • Ergo she probably knows a lot more about Harry Potter than she wants to.
  • She also drove me around so I could catch Pokémon over the summer.
  • She makes phone calls for me on days when phone calls are scary (i.e. every day).
  • One day, my brother came home from holiday and brought mum back an owl souvenir, because for some reason he thought she collected those. She doesn’t. Then my brother decided, “You’re collecting owls now”, so every time he went on holiday he brought her back more owls. Now that he’s moved out, there’s an owl feud, where the two of them buy each other owl things and/or try to sneak owl things into each other’s homes. It’s absurd but hilarious.
  • I’m not a touchy person, but I always love her hugs. Mum hugs are the best kind.

So, yeah, this was really corny, but I thought the occasion called for it. Mum, you are beyond amazing. I know you often don’t feel like it’s enough, but it so so is. You are more than enough, and I love you and everything you do for me. Thank you. ♥

Thank you for everything. ♥

(Didn’t want to leave my dad out of the picture, so here are some reasons why he’s great.)

  • Dad always does his best to help me in any way he can.
  • He knows stuff about everything. There’s not a single topic that he doesn’t at least have half an opinion on (and if not, he’ll be able to bullshit his way out of it because he went to law school).
  • He makes me freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • When I first started reading, he shared some of his favourite books with me.
  • We haven’t gone to see it yet, but he’s not above taking me to see Fantastic Beasts, even though he thinks the stuff I watch is stupid.
  • Although I’ve now turned him into a Sherlock fan. And a Benedict Cumberbatch fan. He even offered to go see Doctor Strange together.
  • He makes me laugh, even though his jokes are the groaniest kind of dad jokes.
  • He believes in me even when I don’t.

And here are some reasons why he’s not so great.

  • He said no to my dream of filling our house with cats (rude).
  • He steals my food (RUDE).

Merry Christmas, mum and dad. Here’s to a better year. You know I’m trying really hard to get better, and one day I’ll find a way to repay you guys for everything you do for me. ♥


19 responses to “Reasons Why My Mother Is Awesome (AKA “A Christmas Cheesefest”)

  1. Beautiful Inge,
    You and your family are adorable. This family raised a wonderful strong and kind woman (you!), and I am so thankful for them. You are the best, Miss Ray of Sunshine.
    Love you. Merry Christmas.

  2. Aw, I love it, Inge! Your parents sound great; a very merry Christmas to your family! That quilt is fucking amazing (especially because it’s based on your bookshelf), and that owl feud is hilarious.

  3. This is so sweet! You’re a pretty fantastic daughter. You have a lucky mom. 😉
    Yummm, the food you mentioned sound delicious! And that QUILT. *____* Amazing.
    I’m so glad you have such a wonderful role model and friend in your life. <3

    • I am honestly so lucky to have her, I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. And I’m really grateful to have you in my life as well. You must have some kind of Miserable Inge radar on your phone, because you always check in with me when I am sad. Thank you. ♥

  4. Awww Inge, this is such a cute post and I really loved reading through it! Thanks for sharing this because it made me smile 🙂 Now I’m thinking of writing a post for my parents haha.

    I find it quite hilarious that your mom made a Facebook account simply for cat photos. Cuuute <3 And the quilt she made looks great!! 😀 You are really blessed to have such amazing parents. Treasure them always because I'm sure they're always there to look out for you <3

    Merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂 Hope you spend it with the people you love!

    Jillian @ Jillian’s Books

    • You should definitely write a post for your parents! Haha, my mom keeps sending everyone cat videos on Facebook, it’s the best. Happy new year, Jillian!

  5. Oh Inge, I am sobbing, but like, the good kind of tears, because this is the most beautiful thing I have read. Maybe ever. And your parents… I want to hug them, and thank them for being such wonderful people. And they raised such an amazing daughter. Seriously, can we please have more of your family in this world? Also, do you think maybe they want to have a stranger come hang out with them- and you- for a few weeks? Don’t give them a chance to say no, I am on my way 😉 I must say though, it is no wonder that you are such a remarkable and lovely person, it sounds like remarkable and lovely people made you ♥♥

    • I am so sorry that I keep making you cry, Shannon. I don’t think I will procreate anytime soon (or ever), but I will have a large family of cats and you are always welcome. I’ll give you a nice carton box to sleep in and give you cuddles. ♥

  6. This was such a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful posts, Inge! I loved reading it! You’re mom sounds like an absolutely wonderful person and so does your dad, even though he steals your food (VERY rude, of course!). Thanks for sharing this with us! <3

    • I have to be SO careful when making food! It seems like he senses it, because he always enters the kitchen when I am in it. Thank you so much, Ruzaika! ♥

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