Snippets & WIPpets #001: Aly & “Of Hands & Teeth”

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Hello Wonderlings, and welcome to the first ever post for Snippets & WIPpets!

This will be a monthly feature, showcasing a cast of diverse readers and writers, all sharing their WIPs and snippets. At the end of each post you’ll find a writing prompt. Feel free to either write a short story in the comments so you can share with all of us, or write a little something for yourself. Snippets & WIPpets is all about keeping writers motivated, and if you manage to write something because of us, then our job here is done.

Let’s begin!

Of Hands & Teeth

Genre: Mystery & Thriller
Audience: YA/NA

Summary: Two friends embark on a journey to find out what happened the fateful winter when Finn left town and stopped talking altogether. A story of survival, friendship, and the lies that threaten to rip us apart.


Tell us about yourself! I’ve been writing since I started to learn to speak and write in English. My English teacher taught me to express myself through creative writing, and that’s what I’ve been doing since forever. A lot of my novels are dark, hard to grasp, and every character is never who they say they are. Much like the emotions I go through day-to-day. Writing helps me purge all the negative and bad feelings I have. If I’ve had a bad day, you will find me at my laptop, furiously typing at the end of it. If I’ve had a nightmare, I’ll be writing notes about it before I’m even out of bed. I hate starting the day off on the wrong foot, so I try and purge the negativity as quickly as I can. The darkness I write about is inside all of us, and on bad days (or weeks, or months, and even years if we look at 2016) it threatens to overwhelm me. And so a new WIP is born.

I mostly write for myself, but I take a fun pleasure in watching other people reading my stuff, too, but mostly only friends. I’ve been working on Of Hands & Teeth for roughly a year, and it’s a journey that has taken me places I never expected to visit mentally. I’ll be glad when it’s finally over, but also sad. Of Hands & Teeth is the first project that really made me feel, and that I think about every day.


Describe your perfect writing moment. Where are you, what do you use to write, are you listening to any music, what are you eating/drinking? 

It’s morning, those few hours between the world waking completely and night ending. It’s still dark outside, but on the horizon a thin ribbon of color begins to appear. I’m in my living room, at the table, my laptop blinking blearily at me. There’s a cup of coffee on my right hand side, and a piece of toast on the left. There’s also a notebook, and a pen that is most likely broken. I never listen to music when I’m writing contemporary, but if I’m working on my fantasy plot, then I’m probably listening to the Skyrim soundtrack. There’s nothing like Skyrim to make you feel empowered, hahaha. But yes, early morning before it’s really “morning” is my perfect writing moment.

What are your writing inspirations?

Real life stories and Pinterest. There’s nothing like looking at a picture and wondering what the story behind it is. Hearing a friend telling you something they overheard or experienced is also guaranteed to make me start writing inside my head almost immediately.

How often do you get distracted by the internet while writing?

Way too often. The only way I can ever get any writing done is if I switch my mobile off and disconnect the internet. The internet is a bad place for writers trying to get some words in!


“And when that lie begins to grow, thread by thread, minute by minute, it becomes bigger than life. Bigger than an entire town’s population. Too big to knock down. Too terrifying to even contemplate the alternatives.

A lie like that destroyed a boy, once. 

He cried rape.

An entire town rallied against him, pitchforks and spitting shouts and disgust. There were protests and journalists and the flashing lightbulbs of greedy reporters on hunt for the truth. The police handled it like a bomb waiting to blow. His friends became ghosts, flitting behind the scenes and pulling strings and not saying a word. His family watched, silent, pale, grieving for the child they once had; only his brother stayed unmoving, like the lighthouse at the bottom of our beach, shining light and creating shadows, finding twists and holes where, in broad daylight, there aren’t any.

But the boy retracted his statement.

And so they rallied once again: the boy who cried wolf; the boy born from evil; the boy who wanted the attention, for once, as he grew up in his successful brother’s shadow; the boy willing to destroy someone’s life in order to get to the top. The reporters tutted as they salivated over a new scoop. The police spoke of warnings and wasting police time. His friends disappeared altogether and his family – except for his brother – quietened until they, too, became ghosts.

He never spoke again.

The boy dropped out of school. For a while, he moved away. Some said he was too ashamed to stick around any longer and tried to make a clean break. Other said he died, drove somewhere quiet and remote to take his own life because of a lie that got out of hand. The family never spoke, never refuted any of the points made, but the brother continued to grow.

And then he came back.”


Thanks for taking part in the first round of Snippets & WIPpets! I’m so, so pumped about this feature and can’t wait to showcase amazing writers and sources of inspiration! What did you think of our first post? Would you like to take part? Let me know in the comments below!


Writing Prompt

He hadn’t seen the old man since…

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  1. I love that time of the night after everyone went to bed and before most people get back up again. It’s the perfect quiet and probably the time of day when I’m least distracted and overwhelmed. A great time for writing! Of course, I’m usually awake, because I’m still up and not because I actually managed to get up early. I remember your book from NaNoWriMo! I hope it’s going well? It certainly sounds intriguing.

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