DISCUSSION: Gilmore Girls Revival & Why I’m Mad (SPOILERS.)

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Hello, Wonderlings!

Welcome to the first of many ranty posts you will see in the future from yours truly. Let me begin by saying that I am in a life slump. It mostly consists of: work slump, book slump, writing slump, blogging slump, music slump, gaming slump and even food slump. Food slump. With Christmas coming up, how could I possibly be in a food slump? That’s the best part of Christmas!

Why am I telling you about my slump? When I’m at my most slumpiest, I have a lot of time to think. Thinking, it turns out, is not a great thing. First, the headaches and then comes the accidental destruction of all my favorite things.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start again.

Since I was nine years old, I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls. It used to air in Italy in the evenings, at that great hour just after dinner, and just before I was due to go to bed, and my mother and father loved it as much as us kiddies did. So you may be able to imagine how excited I was when the revival was announced, and all the seasons were uploaded on Netflix. Suffice it to say, I haven’t used Netflix this much since I watched Stranger Things earlier this year.

But I have issues. Now, before I start rambling, disclaimer: HERE BE SPOILERS. They’re not huge spoilers, but you have been warned. 

Let’s Talk About the Revival

In short: I ain’t no fan of this. Now hear me out! The reason I dislike the revival is mainly because of Rory. Rory, who used to bug me endlessly in the main series but I adored nevertheless, has been transmuted into something even worse. The Rory from the revival is a monstrous Rory, sex-thirsty, power-hungry and very, very, very up her own arse. If you thought Rory in the last season of Gilmore Girls was bad, then you obviously haven’t watched the revival because ohmylordy, she was awful.

I spoke about this in length with several friends of mine. They all agreed that the revival wasn’t what they expected, and it leaned heavily on the ‘not-so-Gilmore’ side of the spectrum. Most of the cast was perfect: Lorelei, Luke, Kirk and Michel especially. But everything else? It sucked, guys. It sucked so bad. And my ‘everything else’ I mean, of course, Rory and her stupid decisions and her holier-than-thou attitude that made me want to throttle her.

Once upon a time, I prided myself in understanding Rory and her commitment to school and the future. I used to be like that, too, and since you can always find me with my head buried in a book, I still pride myself in that. However, Revival Rory (from hereon known as ‘RR’) defeated everything Original Rory (‘OR’) worked so hard for.

Her relationship with Logan, although welcome, wasn’t something OR would’ve agreed to.

By this, I mean OR broke up with Logan, originally, because she couldn’t see herself having a no strings attached relationship with Yale’s most renown bachelor. Why, then, did RR feel the need to throw all of that away to give herself to a man who wasn’t even available? Logan’s engagement to Odette seemed almost like a plot ploy. Why make things easy for the girl who has always had it easy? I get that. I get the need to spice things up and give Rory new challenges to face and overcome. However, the challenges she faced with her career was more than enough ‘spice’ for a revival that could’ve concentrated on so much more than just Rory’s life.

Let’s not forget that attitude.

OR was always known for being stubborn and tackling life like the angriest rugby player in the universe. It’s what gave her character, and showed the audience that you really can do anything if you set your mind to it. However, RR dumped all of that down the drain when her attitude went from ‘stubborn mule’ to ‘spoilt brat’ in a split second. Rory’s anger at life developed into hatred for anything good. When offered an interview at a website (very similar to BuzzFeed), Rory scoffs at the idea of ever working for a ‘gossip magazine’ and then is shocked when at the interview, after not even giving it her all, she is rejected. “I’m Rory Gilmore!” Well, Rory Gilmore, you’re not 2016’s hot stuff, I’m afraid.

And of all the Wookies in the world…

In one of the episodes (Winter?) Rory, after standing in line for hours for something or other, ends up sleeping with someone dressed like a Wookie. Now, not only does she sleep with a Wookie, but it then leads to that disastrous ending, that cliffhanger of a bugger, where all I could think of was a furry, clawed baby crawling around the Gilmore household. EW. Friends have speculated for hours on the Wookie vs Logan Baby conundrum, and I think it would serve Rory right if she were pregnant with a mini Wookie, and not the love of her life.

I’m so mean, I know, but Rory really got on my nerves in the revival.

The ending to end all endings ever ended.

To top off an incredibly off-putting, four episode revival, the ending was screen-punching-worthy. I loved every aspect of it except for the gazebo scene, where Rory drops a bomb so large I’m surprised Stars Hollow is still fictionally standing. WHY. WOULD. YOU. DO. THAT? It was a bad ending, hinting at a new series or another spin-off, with no actual proof that either is going to happen. Some speculate that it rounds the series off nicely, but I think otherwise: way to piss me off even more, creators and producers. ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO YOU.

Overall, I was not a happy bunny with the revival. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I want to eat cake and grumble to myself with a mouth covered in frosting. Which doesn’t sound all bad, I’ll admit. But still. I expected more, and I suppose that was a rookie mistake to make. My dad always says: “Go into a situation expecting nothing at all, and you will never be disappointed.” I really should learn to listen to him.


Wonderlings! What did you think of the revival? Have you watched all of Gilmore Girls? Have I gone mad in my findings? Let me know in  the comments below!




3 responses to “DISCUSSION: Gilmore Girls Revival & Why I’m Mad (SPOILERS.)

  1. I feel you so hard on this (that sounds wrong haha). I am decidedly NOT a fan of the revival. I was SO EXCITED when it was announced. Gilmore Girls has been one of my go-to happy shows for ages, but the revival genuinely ruined it for me. I was slightly wary, because I know revivals don’t always live up to the expectation, but I also figured hey, these are good writers, I’m sure they’ll make something good. Nah uh. I HATED Rory in the revival SO MUCH. She had literally no redeeming qualities and was nothing but an entitled, priviledged, ignorant idiot. It’s like they took all of Rory’s very worst qualities with absolutely none of the good and amplified them tenfold. That boyfriend they kept forgetting about? Continuously hooking up with someone in a relationship? What even happened. And what even was her ‘career’? She used to actually be a good journalist, from what it seemed like, but now she’s just not doing anything and expecting everything to be handed to her. And there’s no learning process or redemption at the end either. And then the ending? Not a fan. It seems like the writers didn’t adjust their original vision at all – if the original show had ended with that, it might have made more sense, but not so much in a ten years later version. To be honest, the whole revival felt off to me, but Rory was certainly the thing that annoyed me the most. And the unnecessary fat/body shaming at the pool? What the hell was that in there for?? I loved Emily’s storyline and Kelly Bishop killed it as always (though the museum thing at the end was a bit weird, but I could just about see it working), and the moment with Lorelai telling that story about her dad was great. I loved Sookie’s scene too – a lot of people said it felt off to them, but for me it finally felt a little more like Stars Hollow again in that moment (though the explanations for why she were gone weren’t very believable). I wasn’t really satisfied with Lorelai’s storyline, but I didn’t hate it either. I didn’t really think it was resolved very satisfactorily at the end at all, but at least it wasn’t the total trainwreck Rory’s was. I was kind of hoping Jess would wake Rory up when he appeared (though she really shouldn’t need a guy for that), because he did it before, but that didn’t happen either. Just… generally this revival was a hot fucking mess. I know everyone hated the last season and it had its problems, but I actually thought the ending was quite good. Definitely a hundred times better than the revival. This is a very long comment, I was planning to write my own review at some point to vent, but apparently I couldn’t hold it in for that long haha

  2. THANK YOU. I thought I was the only one.
    I’ve finished the revival and I was like “WHAT THE HELL HAVE I JUST WATCHED?”
    I’ve found it a waste of 6/8 hours.. How much was it?
    And they almost tell NOTHING, except the fact that they keep ruin some of my favorites.

    God, I so agree with you. I still haven’t get over all of this.
    That is why I am not a big fan of revival and something like this because they (almost all the time) ruin the original show.

  3. Same, and SAME. I’m not much of a TV OR movie fan (I know, I’m basically a very, very dull alien), but for whatever reason I IMPRINTED on Gilmore Girls as a kid, saw then 50,000 times since, and can basically quote half the show off the top of my head (and DO, much to my friends’ dismay). To say I was excited about the revival would have been an understatement. Everyone involved with the project said it was the SAME humor, the SAME scripts, the SAME feel, but…

    … it wasn’t? And A LOT of it has to do with Rory. WHAT. HAPPENED. DUDE. NO. JUST. NO. Rory got so much crap for what she pulled with Dean in the original series, not to mention Lorelei’s (totally called-for) reaction to it all. Presumably that was there to teach Rory an important lesson about relationships and, y’know, faithfulness. And the whole storyline with Mitchum Huntzberger and her dropping out of Yale later was supposed to teach her a lesson about presumption and privilege and most of all – dealing with failure and picking yourself up by the bootstraps. She got negative feedback! She had to drop classes! She got a D on a paper she thought was excellent! She saw Paris be made the head of the Yale Daily News while she was wandering aimlessly! She didn’t get the Reston fellowship and got turned down by just about everyone she applied for, prior to the Obama gig. And yet somehow, here we are, with mid-30s Rory somehow being LESS mature and LESS resilient and LESS capable than her teenage self? (Not to mention far more presumpuous. That “But I’m Rory Gilmore!” scene floored me. As did her entire relationship with Logan, given… Odette. As did her treatment of Paul. I’d have been down with it all if it was a new movie/show – I’d have assumed the character was supposed to be a ditzy, brainless spaz and rolled with it in anticipation of future development. But for Rory, this was regression. And there never WAS any development.

    DYING at your vision of her bright future with a furry Wookie baby, though! 😀 And I couldn’t agree with this post more.

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