Bookworm Problems: Emotionally UNSTABLE

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So if you’re a reader, which I’m assuming you are, then you know it’s not ALWAYS easy being a reader. Many people don’t understand the emotional turmoil we as readers go through. It’s not as simple as picking up a book, reading it, then moving on with life. JUST NO.

You have your occasional readers, readers who read whatever seems interesting, and then you have die-hard, emotional, my-life-will-never-be-normal readers. I fall into that last category, how about you? The more relaxed readers just don’t fully grasp how emotionally damaging reading can be. They just don’t get it. And they silently judge you for crying your eyes out when your favorite character dies? LIKE, COME ON!

So, anyhoo, I’m here to bring you all some bookworm problems that have to do with the emotional instability that readers have to deal with. Partly because it’s a relatable subject and because you can show this to your friends and family and they can finally UNDERSTAND.  Or, at least, not judge you so harshly from now on. Hopefully. I’m just lying, they’ll always silently judge you . . .

Waiting an entire YEAR for a sequel to be released:

Having to put yourself through the pain of waiting for an entire year for ANYTHING is torture. Especially when it’s a sequel to a book that WAS SO GOOD, you’re not sure what to do with your life after finishing it. I know I’ve felt the pain, you probably have too, and countless other bookworms. The pain is just uncanny and you slowly find yourself sinking into a dark abyss filled with nothing but sadness, loneliness, unfulfillment, and tears. Your tears. Tears that won’t stop falling from your eyes. THE. PAIN. But, we endure. Because why? Because are a dedicated people. THAT’S WHY.

Panic when asked “What’s your favorite book?”

Okay, I NEVER know how to answer this question. Do I say my favorite series? If so, what genre? Or should I go with a favorite stand alone? Should it be a funny one or one that ripped my emotions to shreds? How about I just go with a series I’ve read multiple times? But there are many of those so which one do I choose? And would any of those count as a FAVORITE over all other books? What kind of question is this?! DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM?


Buying a book, then finding a SIGNED copy in store

I can’t tell you HOW MANY TIMES this has happened to me personally. You know, when you buy a book you’ve been looking forward to for MONTHS and then you finally have it in your hands . . . only to find a signed copy at the bookstore later on. Do you have any idea how cruel that is? Then you end up debating whether or not to buy a SECOND copy of the book just to have the signed copy. Don’t even get me started on not only finding a signed copy but a FIRST EDITION signed copy. Yeah, I have a couple of those only because I was lucky to buy them first! But finding a signed copy of a book by your favorite author of ever after you’ve already bought the book? THAT’S JUST EVIL. EVIL I TELL YOU!

Death of your favorite character

Do I even need to say anything more for this one? Because I’m tearing up just thinking about all of my favorite characters who have died in books. It hurts. Like a lot. I know you know the pain so let’s all cry together.



Doesn’t the idea give you chills already? Taking all your books off a bookshelf to rearrange them is one thing, but having to pack them all into BOXES? Who was the heartless person who decided that moving books wasn’t a big deal? Do they even know what books are? Have they ever tried to carry even just a stack of books in their arms? Do they EVEN KNOW? Okay, I’m calm. I promise. Maybe.


So that’s about it for today’s bookworm problems. I have an entire list I’ll be putting together later on so that leaves me needing your help: What is your biggest bookworm problem?

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14 responses to “Bookworm Problems: Emotionally UNSTABLE

  1. Such a good post! OMG SO TRUE! The inevitable realization of having to wait a FULL YEAR hits me every time I read an amazing book (especially those awesome series starters that I don’t actually realize ARE a series until I finish and am left in NEED. I also think my second least favorite question in the world is “What is your favorite book?” because … WHY?! The inevitable “What’s the book that you’re writing about?” because … Wwwwhhhyyy would I tell you and even if I wanted to I DON’T KNOW HOW!

    Character deaths speak for themselves. They always kill the special ones, never the ones we don’t care about!!!

    I actually have a special fondness for packing up my books for some weirdly bizarre reason. I thinks it’s because I get an excuse to dig through ALL of my books (my husband always tries to take over because I pack them SOOOOoooo slow), and I get to sort back through them and make my shelves pretty again from scratch when we get to where we’re going!

    • Lol so glad you enjoyed this post!! I agree with all your points. Why can’t our least favorite characters be the ones to die? Is that REALLY so much to ask for?! Like seriously, STOP KILLING OUR FAVORITES!! Our emotions can’t handle it!

      That’s probably my favorite part of packing up my books too, I get to decorate my bookshelves again and start fresh 😀 There’s always a silver lining!

  2. I seriously relate to all of these!!! 🙂
    People asking me my favourite book is like a phobia of mine…I’m socially awkward anyway, so when I’m under pressure to choose a book it’s just the worst! And how can someone even ask that? It’s like asking you to pick which of your children is your favourite!
    And waiting for releases is the worst! Especially if you have no idea when the next book is going to be released, or if it keeps being put back. Thankfully though when new books are released that I want I go to the biggest book store near me (in the closest city) because they usually have the signed copies.
    Awesome post! 🙂

    • Don’t we all relate? XD And yes, WHY is that even a question? Why would ANYONE ask that? It’s just cruel to the highest degree.
      YES, SIGNED COPIES ARE THE BOMB. I don’t usually find signed copies that often so when I do find them, I freak out more than a normal person would XD So glad you enjoyed this post!!

    Plus I have this huge problem on reading in public places: I tend to read almost on the train to get/come back from work and I am really emotional sometimes. I find really difficult to not let all the tears flow out or to smash the book against the window.
    But I definitely can’t maintain an expressionless face! I CAN’T.

  4. Have to definitely agree with all! Another problem is that sometimes one particular bookstore might not have the book you want so you have to pop in to ANOTHER one just to see whether they have the copy. T_T

  5. Olivia-Savannah

    I think the worse one is waiting a year for the sequel. Especially as I get distracted by other books in the meanwhile, get emotional over those, and then forget the contents of book one so by the time the sequel comes out, all I know is that I LOVE the book. And have to read a book summary somewhere 😛 I also really am not looking forward to the part where I move to another country for uni into this tiny room where everyone tells me I cannot take all my books, because they won’t fit. LIKE WHAT. I HAVE TO CHOOSE?

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