Wacky, Weird Days We Should Celebrate (With Books!)

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February is known for Valentine’s Day, but there are a lot of lesser known days February celebrates. Here’s a list of the books I would read on those days.

Get a Different Name Day: February 13

Looking for Alaska
Alaska chose her own name. (I’m still not sure how this works. What if you don’t like it? Plus, you’d have to say that you had a different name on all your international travels. That’s a part of the customs form.) For her, the name ‘Alaska’ was something unique.
This is just a fun day. If I could change my name, I’d rationally change it to Wren (My legal name isn’t Wren), but, in my dreams, it’d be Sugawara or Nishinoya, and I could be a legitimate anime character.

National Organ Donor Day: February 14

Man. Every time I read this book (And I have done it twice), I get the chills. It’s crazy to think that the future could be like this. (But the likelihood of this happening is kinda low until we create the technology to transplant organs and bringing alongside personality. And the ethical implications are astounding.) I wouldn’t unwind my child. Unless…kidding kidding.
Organ donating could result in saving someone’s life. So it’s a pretty good cause.

Singles Awareness Day: February 15

Okay. This is a bit of a cheat since this book is about action more than anything else, but I just love VE Schwab. Her work is fantastic. But Victor does NOT end up in a relationship. As someone who vehemently hates on bad romance (Gaga ro mama), I was pleasantly surprised.
Brownie points for being one of my favorite books ever.
Also, long live the single! Three cheers for the single!

Carnival Day: February 26

A little cheat again. This isn’t entirely a carnival. I think it’s more of a showcase and a game than a carnival, but it’s close enough. I truly loved the magical atmosphere of this book. I’d like to play Carval. Unless I was in serious danger. Then…no thanks.
I haven’t been to a big carnival before actually. I’ve been to the local one in my city, but that’s more of some rides and food in a parking lot. So…not the most enjoyable thing.

Tell a Fairy Tale Day: February 26

I grew up a Disney kid (Guilty as charged.) I fell in love the Disney movies, especially the fairy tales. And I’ve watched basically all of them (I don’t think I wanted ‘Sleeping Beauty’ or ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwares’. Those are kinda old and unlikely to end up on the Disney Channel reruns.) And I love it when fairy tales are retold, especially the unpopular ones. I do love the Cinderella story. It’s a classic. And ‘Cinder’ is an amazing retelling.
I wouldn’t mind being a fairy tale knight. That’d be fun. Or maybe I’d be the magician. Haha. That’d be cool.

Are you going to celebrate any of these days? Which one is your favorite?


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