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On my blog and Instagram account, I tend not to talk about manga or graphic novels that much. Which is strange because I LOVE reading both. I have long lists with title after title of graphic novels and manga series that I want to read as soon as possible and yet, I don’t actually own that many. I tend to go to the library and picking out a few since graphic novels are SO EXPENSIVE. Like, seriously. Since when are hardback books cheaper than comics? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

Anyhoo, before I can go on a tangent about how unfair the world is towards my wallet, I’ll just get on to the point of this post. In case any of you out there are interested in wanting to read more manga or graphic novels or simply are looking to read your first one ever, then keep on reading. Because boy do I have MANY recommendations but will only give a handful because I don’t want this post to be a thousand pages long. No one has time for that.

Something Funny2536516

If you like more of a funny read than anything else, I would highly suggest checking out Heroes Are Extinct because it’s probably one of the funniest mangas I’ve ever read. I’m not kidding when I say it actually had me giggling out loud like a crazy person. Pretty sure my dog was worried about my mental health. Here are the details on this manga series:

A hero from a distant star arrives on Earth to pit his strength against Earth’s famous superheroes! Only problem is Earth doesn’t really have any superheroes. Growing up watching super-hero TV shows from Earth — think Power Rangers or Ultraman, our fearless hero decides to amass an army on his home planet and invade Earth to pit his strength against them. Only when the invasion starts, no one comes to stop him. What is an alien on Earth supposed to do with entire army and no one to fight?!?


Something With A Touch Of Fantasy836559

Now this one is one of my personal all-time favorites since it’s written and illustrated by one of my favorite artists. I think I must have read this series- Miki Falls– about four or five times and each time, I love it a little more than the last time. This one is more along the lines of a romance type adventure story with a splash of fantasy mixed in and it’s quite entertaining. Maybe this one will catch your eye, hmm?

It’s spring–a time for new beginnings. This is Miki Yoshida’s final year of high school, and she’s determined to make this the best year yet. Miki is in control . . . until Hiro Sakurai shows up.

The tall, handsome new student is hiding something, and Miki wants to know what. As she breaks down Hiro’s defenses, she is unnerved by how much she cares about him. Too bad he is the one guy who can’t care for her back. But Miki is falling for Hiro, and nothing’s going to stop her from getting close to him–not even his dangerous secret.


Something Cute1896346

Okay, THIS ONE is probably my favorite manga series of ever. I’m a sucker for funny manga because it just makes my little heart happy and I LOVE that feeling. High School Debut is also quite relatable in my opinion because . . . well . . . just read the synopsis, will you?

When Haruna Nagashima was in junior high her life consisted of playing softball and reading comics. But now that she’s going to high school, Haruna decides to put all of her energy towards getting a boyfriend and having the high school romance of a lifetime. To help in her quest, she enlists cute upperclassman Yoh Komiyama to coach her as she eschews her jock tendencies and turns herself into the kind of girl who can catch a guy. Yoh agrees, with one catch: Haruna had better not fall for him! 



Something Quirky1087204

This series is one of the most popular manga series known in the world and while not many talk about it, I will today. You’re welcome. I adore this series, though I haven’t yet finished reading the series. However, I have read the first few books and watched the anime series so YAY ME. Ouran High School Host Club is probably the most entertaining manga I’ve come across for MANY reasons. It’s just . . . everything.

One day, Haruhi, a scholarship student at exclusive Ouran High School, breaks an $80,000 vase that belongs to the ‘Host Club’, a mysterious campus group consisting of six super-rich (and gorgeous) guys. To pay back the damages, she is forced to work for the club, and it’s there that she discovers just how wealthy the boys are and how different they are from everybody else. 


Something Spooky330724

I remember first stumbling across this shorter series- The Dreaming– and thinking it looked like it could possibly be a nice ghost story type of manga. I was actually really pleased when I found it to be pretty spooky while also not being scary enough to give you nightmares. A few of the illustrations in the series even really creeped me out which I took as a good sign. It’s quite an interesting mystery and the ending had me like “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?”

Identical twins Jeanie and Amber are new students at Greenwich Private College, that lies on the edge of virgin bushlands. The school is run by its vice principal, who has a prejudice against twins – in fact, she rejects all twins’ applications. The girls were only able to get in by saying that they are just regular sisters, born 11 months apart.


I’m going to leave me recommendations at that since, as I said earlier, I don’t want this post to be too long. If any of you out there are interested in reading more manga, I hope I helped you to find your next read! Catch you next time my lovely readers!


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  1. I have a long list of manga series I want to read but most of them are too long. *sigh* I watched the movie-drama of High School Debut and even though I can’t remember much about it, I think I enjoyed it then (that was maybe 5 or so years ago, I think). I also enjoyed watching Ouran’s anime but I never considered reading the manga. No idea why (must be the art that bothers me though. I don’t know.).
    I only have a couple of unfinished series on my shelf actually and some of my fave are Bakuman, Attack on Titan, and My Little Monster 🙂

  2. Hi Anissa,
    I agree with you, COMICS ARE SO EXPENSIVE! Why?? I don’t understand. I haven’t read that many, so now I know some to look out for. THANK YOU FOR THIS ENTRY! I have seen some of Ouran High School Host Club. I read a little bit of this really silly manga called Chobits. But, on my shelves, I have no manga or comics. 🙁

  3. We don’t have manga here at all! You’d have to import, and you know what that means for the price. And absolutely no manga in libraries! 😀 so don’t complain.
    The Dreaming sounds totally awesome. I love those ghost anime and manga. Since Ivan read Japanese, a friend has sent me most of the stories for Hyakki Yakousho (or yakkoushou maybe), don’t know if it’s translated, but it’s brilliant. It’s about paranormal things – about this guy who inherited an ability to see ghostly creatures from his grandpa and barely anyone in his family knows. His dad is actually his grandpa’s guardian spirit, incarnated into his dad after he died, so he basically just snatched the body xD a lot of hilarity in that character. It uses Japanese folklore and builds the stories from that, it’s so great. Mostly because it’s all new to you and so original. I just love those stories so much!

  4. Natalie Monroe

    Ouran High School Host Club is one of my all time favorite manga series. It’s sweet and funny. (I cackle like a deranged banshee every time I read it).

    Have you tried Dengeki Daisy? I stopped reading several years ago because weekly releases are exhausting to keep up with, but what I remember is fantastic.

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