Of Wonderland Book Club: April 2017

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Welcome to another month of the Of Wonderland Book Club! It’s been three months now, how do you like it so far? Is there anything we can improve on? Do let us know what you think — this book club is designed for you, so we want you to have the best reading experience possible.

Let’s discuss!

So our March theme was retellings, which I think went really well. We’re always up for the magical, the whimsy, and some good old fairytales. I think a lot of us really enjoyed this month’s theme and read some seriously good books. We also saw our TBR lists grow exponentially from all the recommendations… there are just SO. MANY. BOOKS. GAH. (I think this falls in beautiful with the next theme, though.) I read The Collectors’ SocietyHunted, and Drown. I had good fun with these; it’s always interesting to see where the author goes with old favourites.

But the time is ripe for a new theme! I personally think you picked brilliantly, as it’s one that evvveryone and their grandmother can participate in.

Your April theme is…

On TBR forever!

This should be a VERY easy theme to pick books for, because we all have at least a gazillion books we’ve been meaning to read for ages. Or perhaps there’s too much choice and you can’t decide? Why don’t you ask Twitter or the lovely people from the Goodreads club to help you out? In any case, here’s a chance to look at those books that have been judging you from a silent corner for years. Look at them. Feel the shame. Really feel it. You’ve neglected them for too long. It’s time to finally give them the love and attention they deserve.

Because we felt like we should join in with the shame, here are some books that have been collecting dust on our shelves:

Wolf By Wolf // The Distance Between Us // The Book Thief // Replica // Snow Like Ashes
Air Awakens // Dreamology // The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms // The Bone Season // The Final Empire

As for me, I’ll be reading The Lies of Locke Lamora and The Name of the Wind. I hear both are extremely good, but I tend to get intimidated by larger books so I pick up smaller ones instead. I think it’s time I finally give these a go. I’ll also be picking up Perks of Being A Wallflower, which I STILL haven’t read.

So that leaves us with the poll for May! As “Diverse reads” was a very close second in April’s poll, it is here again for a second chance.

How are you enjoying the book club? Is there anything we can improve on? How shameful is your TBR?


7 responses to “Of Wonderland Book Club: April 2017

  1. ahitsdina

    So far, I love the OW Book Club. My problem is that we don’t have much interaction as we read the books. Maybe I should use the hashtag more often, just to see what everyone is reading and how it is going. But, the prompts are varied and nice. *Hugs you tight* You’re all awesome, OW crew.

  2. Ahhh, I totally failed in March because I got distracted by too many NON-retellings to actually get around to my retellings, lol. And in April I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo, so will probably NOT be reading all that much. But I’ll try to jump back in in May! (That was a tough choice, btw, there were 3 of the 4 options that I kind of wanted to consider equally!)

    • How did you do with Camp NaNo? I’ve been lowkey participating as well and I’m pretty happy with my results ^_^ well, the word goal I achieved. The content not so much, haha. But I can fix that later!

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