A Carswell Thorne Approved Playlist!

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There are many things I love that really make me happy and complete in life. Coffee, Oreos and books are just three of those things. However, I also LOVE music and everything about it. Just yes. I fully believe music runs in my veins and I would definitely die without it in my life. I also really love talking about music and my favorite songs, music artists, albums, etc. on my own blog and I thought to bring a little of that conversation to this blog as well. I love peeking at other people’s playlist, partly to judge them silently (JUST KIDDING) and partly because I like seeing what other people listen to.

I’ve made playlists based on books and series in the past on my blog but I’ve yet to make character specific playlists. So, today EVERYTHING CHANGES. I’ve compiled a list of songs that I think would be on Captain Thorne’s playlist based on his sassy and charismatic personality. Because let’s face it, his playlist would be just as colorful as he is. Complete with a pair of amazing headphones to go along with it and maybe a few speakers. Anyhoo, let’s get on to the jam session! For any fellow Lunar Chronicles fans, tell who your favorite character is from the series in the comments!

Track #1: Hello

Track #2: That’s What I Like

Track #3: Sexy To Me

Track #4: Lush Life

Track #5: I’m Not Sorry

I’ll end the playlist here since I don’t want to make it way too long! Do you want to see more bookish playlists in the future? Let me know in the comments! What song is your current jam?


2 responses to “A Carswell Thorne Approved Playlist!

  1. I love this idea! I can totally see Thorne jamming out to some of these – I think Bruno Mars’ swag is exactly how I picture Thorne’s haha

    I’ve currently got Heatstroke by Calvin Harris on repeat – it’s just so catchy!

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