Things I Don’t Love About Kindles

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Hello Peeps! I don’t know about you, but I  am a HUGE kindle fan. Years ago when I first got my kindle I was VERY suspicious of everything that kindles stood for and wasn’t sure I’d actually use my kindle at all…oh if Younger Ella could see me now, haha. I am so attached to my kindle (who is proudly named Montgomery – DON’T JUDGE ME I WAS VERY YOUNG WHEN I NAMED HIM) now that NO ONE, be they friends of family are allowed to touch it, let alone READ ON IT. Oh, the horror. However! Recently, Rabid Kindle Fan that I am, I have realized that for all my love of the kindle, there are quite a few things I don’t love about kindles at all. They are listed for your pleasure below 🙂


1.) They are COLD.

I have discovered that no matter how long you hold a kindle in your hands for, IT DOES NOT WARM UP. EVER. This is very frustrating. But because I love Montgomery so much I am willing to put up with it.

2.) They can cause reading slumps.

I’m interested to know if anyone gets this with their kindles?! Or is just me?? I find that if all I do is read from my kindle for a few weeks, I’m way more likely to fall into a reading slump.

3.) They can get horribly slow.

I am an impatient person. I love that with a physical book, I AM IN CHARGE (cue villainous cackle). I can turn the pages at MY pace, I can flip to different parts of the book in an instant and at my own leisure. I can’t do that with my kindle! Well, I can, but it will take about ten years. And time, this busy bookworm does not have.

4.) You worry about them SO MUCH when you take them out with you somewhere as if they’re a sickly newborn baby THAT COULD DIE AT ANY SECOND.

Cue panic!! I have been known to get so worried over Montgomery getting broken in my bag that I’ll just carry him in my arms and hiss at anyone that dares look at him. Yes, I look mentally deranged but it keeps Montgomery safe and unbroken so I regret nothing.

5.) When your kindle’s battery is almost dead but you can’t find your charger ANYWHERE.

And you’re convinced that every page you click on next is going to be too much for your kindle and it will die but you can’t stop reading because the book IS JUST SO GOOD ad then your kindle does die and you’re left to burn your house to the ground in your quest to find your charger. I don’t want to say this happens often…but this happens often. Don’t worry, I haven’t burnt my house down. Yet!

6.) It’s so much easier to sob over a physical book than the-thin-metal-brick-called-a-kindle.

Have you ever tried to clutch a kindle and cry fangirl tears over the magnificence of the ebook you just finished reading? No! Why? BECAUSE THE EDGES GOD DAMMIT! The hard, pointy edges that will never feel like a physical book no matter how hard you hug it. Also the fear that my tears might somehow leak into the machinery inside the kindle AD BREAK IT is like the very worst nightmare.

7.) In the zombie apocalypse you can’t use a kindle to survive.

With a physical books, you could easily use your TBR pile for example to squash some zombies with, OR build a book fort to hide from the zombies in, OR if you’re really, really, desperate you could even eat a book. Kindles though? I’m sorry but you’re going to die. A kindle would make a crap weapon, sadly you can’t make a book fort out of of a kindle (maybe if you had MANY kindles, though…) and worst of all, you cannot eat a kindle no matter how hard you try.


So there’s my list! 🙂 What do you think? Do you love kindles? Hate them? What are your favourite and least favourite things about them?


9 responses to “Things I Don’t Love About Kindles

  1. Fun post! I actually find I need to switch formats to avoid reading slumps! If i read on my Kindle for too long, I’ll probably get slumpy, but the same goes for physical copies. So I just switch it up every few books or so 😀

  2. No kindle, I have a sony. I am starting to read a bit more on my e reader. I have noticed a lot of people complaining about how easily their kindles break though. So far so good with my Sony though. Can’t hug an e reader as satisfying as I would like, yeah.

  3. Well, that made me smile. Coincidently, I recently posted 10 reasons why I love my Kindle, but it is true, it never get warm (never realized that before). I read mostly on my Paperwhite, but I have a Fire that I use when the book is not in mobi format. I also try to read one physical book a week, since I have a whole lotta those. Maybe that is why I have never noticed a kindle-induced slump (?) Great post!
    Sam @ WLABB

  4. Montgomery is an awesome name for a Kindle ^^ I also wasn’t sure about kindles under I got mine and got more or less addicted to it. I do get those kindle reading slumps too! And I have no idea why those happen, lol. And when you’re getting to the interesting part of the chapter and your battery is almost dead… I’ve been there XD.

    My latest post: Giveaway: An ACOTAR Candle (International)

  5. I have to disagree with #1 because my kindle actually gets pretty hot sometimes when it’s overworked lol. But I legit think about how, if there’s ever an apocalypse, I’m gonna run out of books to read because I won’t have my kindle! I can’t say I was planning on eating the books I have, but you do have a point there too that eating a kindle would be a lot more difficult 😉

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