Fictional Goodbye Days

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I recently read Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner, and the idea of having one last day with someone you lost struck a chord. I haven’t had someone close to me die. I’ve lost three out of four of my grandparents, but I wasn’t close to any of them. The closest thing to ‘losing someone you love’ for me is probably fictional characters. Here’s a list of book characters who have died that I’d have a Goodbye Day for.

Oh…and spoiler alert.

Tris really didn’t deserve that ending. Sure, ‘Divergent’ was a corny series, but I liked it. (It was a long time ago, okay?) She deserved better. Smolder-eye, six-packed Theo James/Four/Tobias Eaton deserved better. Her life, like the lives of the three killed in ‘Goodbye Days’ was ended short.
If I held a Goodbye Day for Tris, we’d eat Dauntless cake and run the trains.

Aw man, I’m gonna cry for this one, aren’t I? Sam was such a sweetheart. Out of all of Celaena’s love interests, I think I loved Sam the best. He was such a good guy. Good guys don’t finish last, okay? They’re super cool and finish first.
Honestly, if I had a Goodbye Day for Sam, I’d just cry and talk about his awesome life.

Ah, Theo. You are so complicated. I liked who you were with Griffin. You were kind and accepting of his OCD. You were funny.
For Theo, his Goodbye Day would be in California, surfing. Or just resting on the beach, telling stories. Sun, fun, and no worries. Griffin in the beginning of the book really needed a Goodbye Day.

Who would you have a Goodbye Day for? And what would you do?


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