Of Wonderland Turns One! (GIVEAWAY + Which Co-Blogger Are You? QUIZ)

Posted May 17, 2017 by Inge in Announcements / 55 Comments

Hello, dear Wonderlings!

I’m not even sure where to start with this one. Our little blog, Of Wonderland, is turning one this May! Drinks all around!

I am so proud of our little blog, and want to take a moment to thank a few people.

First of all, Aly – thank you for believing in this blog since day one. I took a really hard hit when Bookshelf Reflections went under, but your excitement for a new baby blog kept me going. I couldn’t have done this without you and Gary, our shared brain cell. Out of all the annoying things in this world, you are my favourite.

Anissa – thank you for your amazingly creative mind and your endless enthusiasm. Your fun and clever posts are rich with variety, and always motivate me to try harder with my own posts.

Ella – you are one of the most excitable people I know, and that enthusiasm is contagious. Most of all, you make me laugh. I will never not love fangirling with you about all things Poldark and Sherlock.

Wren – our little guest poster! Aly and I fell a little bit in love with you the day you came into our lives. It’s awesome having you on our blog – your posts are amazing and I love your creativity.

And you, our readers, for standing by us every step of the way. When Bookshelf Reflections became Of Wonderland, and co-bloggers went and co-bloggers came, and during our highs and lows, you stayed with us, and I really appreciate that.

As a token of our appreciation, we have a giveaway for you! We will have four different winners for four different prizes. Are all international as long as The Book Depository ships to you, and will be picked randomly. Enter to win:

    • a pre-order of choice;
    • a print book of choice ($15);
    • an ebook of choice ($10)
    • a special edition of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

We will choose four winners on June 10th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Last but not least, I have devised a little quiz, because I was bored and also I thought it would be fun. Take a look and see which of the four of us you’re most like. Playbuzz is being a poo poo head when I embed the quiz into the post, so here is a link instead:

Which co-blogger are you?

Let us know in the comments what your result is! Free high fives for anyone who gets me! 😀

Wonderlings, you are enchanting. Thank you. ♥


55 responses to “Of Wonderland Turns One! (GIVEAWAY + Which Co-Blogger Are You? QUIZ)

  1. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! (however you spell that)

    I got Inge on the quiz!!!! I’m actually quite pleased with that because though I think you other girls are just as great, Inge and I have talked the longest so I’m glad to see our bond confirmed. 😉 Plus, preferring activities in pjs? My life.

    Anyways, congrats on the year. You should definitely be proud as blogging can be quite the challenge, especially when life gets in the way. I was originally a Bookshelf Reflections follower but am now a Of Wonderland follower and am proud. No matter who is blogging this is still a great corner of the bookish internet and I hope it’s around for many more years to come <3

    • Yay, you got me! A high five doesn’t even cut it — HIGH SIX! Thank you for being there for me through all these years. I’m really glad you’ve returned to the blogosphere as well. I’ve missed your face so much. <3

  2. Saskia

    Hahaha I am Inge 😀 Twin <3 Congratulations! You are doing a fantastic blog *throwsconfetti* Looking forward to alot more years with you!

  3. Woohoooo, I got you, Inge! Is that awesome or super creepy? ?

    I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Congratulations! I’m so proud of you, Inge, for sticking with it, through all the hardships you’ve faced over the year. <3

  4. Cait @ Paper Fury

    HAPPY BLOGVERSARY YOU FANTASTIC WONDERLAND BEANS!! And I got Inge. Do I get those extra points now? And extra cookie? I think we’re long lost twins, Inge. ??

  5. Ahhh!! Happy birthday to this small gorgeous corner of the Internet!!! I so adore the beautiful place that Of Wonderland has turned into, & I cannot wait to see all of the incredible places you go in the future. (And: I got Inge on the co-blogger quiz, so I do think I deserve that free high five 😉 )

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am still a little bummed that you didn’t name the blog Gary the Brain Cell, but I mean, I’ll live. Also, your quiz is fun! You guys are all really obsessed with Scotland though ?I got that I AM INGE! Which… is true, let’s be real. But it would have to be, since we are both extra awesome 😉 Congrats again, ladies, and hopefully many more years of good times to come!

    • I REQUEST THE HIGHEST OF FIVES. Ha, we totally should’ve gone for Gary the Brain Cell, but what can you do. *shrugs*
      (One day we’ll all get to go to Scotland and it’s going to be MAGICAL.)

  7. Evelien Van Aken

    Whoop! Inge was my result, no surprise there :’D
    I love these blog updates, so much! Congratulations, guys, keep up the good work!

  8. ahitsdina

    I love your little corner of the interwebs so much and I enjoy fangirling with you. I haven’t gotten to know Anissa and Ella and Wren that much. HELLOS! I WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND.
    *Hugs all around*

    Ahem. TOOK THE QUIZ AND I AM AN INGE PERSON. YAAAAAAAAAAAS. Congrats on your blogversary, peeps. It’s a pleasure to have y’all around. You’re the best.

  9. Congratulations, that is so great. I had just found the previous site when you decided to stop a few months later. I was very happy to see you continue and have people add on to your team. <3

  10. Whoop, congrats to all of you!! Your blog is always a joy to read, though I have to agree with Shannon that I was hoping it would be called Gary the Brain Cell. I got Inge as well 😀

  11. Happy Blogiversary!! 🙂

    I got: “You are Inge!

    Inge loves to read, write, and blog, and appreciates the fact that all three activities can be done whilst wearing pyjamas and drinking tea. She enjoys the company of furry companions and likes to make people smile.”

    Also how do you pronounce Inge?

  12. Antonela

    “You are Inge!” And I couldn’t agree more 😀 Btw, I’m completely in love with my pyjamas, and everything that can be done while wearing them is PERFECTION 🙂
    Happy blogiversary, girls! And I hope to see you celebrating more and more years, as the blog is fantastic!

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