Of Wonderland Book Club: June 2017

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Welcome to a new month of book clubbing! We hope you’re getting your book club on, because honestly I suck at writing intros and I don’t know what to put in these anymore. Let’s just proceed to the actual post and pretend I wrote something awe-inspiring, alright? Go ahead, I’ll wait while you “ooh” and “aah” and marvel over my profound intro. Thank you. I should put one more “book club” in this. BOOK CLUB.

In May, we read all about travelling and different cultures and everything inspired by other countries! Well, not me, per se – I actually spiralled down into a massive reading slump which I’m only now getting out of. I DNFed The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared and The Haters, and I didn’t even get to any of the other books except for Flame In The Mist, which was quite cool. BUT I hope you saw lots of magical places and learned new things!

“Your library makes our small corner of the world feel big.”
– Belle, Beauty & the Beast

This quote really resonates with me. It’s such a true statement.

So that brings us to a brand new theme. You have pondered, you have chosen, and the new theme is…

Villains & antiheroes!

SQUEE, you guys! Every month I think “this is my favourite theme”, but honestly, THIS IS MY FAVOURITE THEME. As you may know, Aly and I are all about dem villains and even wrote our own blog posts about it, which you can read here and here. We LOVE our villains, so we’ll definitely be eating our hearts out this month. Bring on the mischief!

I’ll be reading Fairest, the companion novel to the Cinder chronicles about Queen Levana. Aside from that, it’s time for the next book in my Harry Potter re-read, which I’ve left especially for this theme – Order of the Phoenix. I mean, is there a more miserable and hateful villain than Dolores Umbridge? I THINK NOT. (Also, you know, Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange are pretty evil too. BUT UMBRIDGE. You just really want to punch her.) If I can, I’ll also try to read Here Lies Daniel Tate. Let me know in the comments what you’ll be reading, or come talk to me on the Goodreads group! I am technically on hiatus this month, but I’ll be popping in now and then because… well, come on. It’s villains. I can’t stay away.

To get you into the right evil mood, here are some particularly malicious recommendations:

Shadow & Bone // The Final Empire // The Lies of Locke Lamora // The Emperor’s Blades // First Year
Shatter Me // Vicious // Dangerous Girls // And I Darken // Nevernight

It’s good to be bad.

As always, a new month requires a new poll. So what do you want to read in July?

Who’s your favourite villain? What will you be reading?


9 responses to “Of Wonderland Book Club: June 2017

  1. *uhm uhm* MENTAL HEALTH!

    I think I could do pretty good this month theme I had a bunch of series to start for YALC and they should have villains right? I will jump in the GR group to get some advice!

  2. I am awful, just awful . I sign up for this one bookclub and abandon it so soon- I’M SORRY. Uni’s been crazy. I’m still keeping an eye on all you’re doing though- bless Goodreads- and you’re doing amazing! <3

    Dangerous Girls, yasssss!! Also, mental health, please? I'd love that.

    • Don’t worry about it, Ruzaika! Uni gets priority, of course. If it helps, our theme for July IS mental health and disability. ♥

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