Bookish Decor! (DIYs, Ideas, & More!)

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There’s a lot of things that I love besides books, coffee, and Oreos. One of the many things I can’t seem to get enough of is decorating. I love shopping for cute little additions here and there to better organize my bedroom or make it a little prettier and appealing. Especially during the summer and spring when it’s all about getting rid of the junk and stuff you thought you needed but can live without. You know what I’m talking about. Like that jacket way back in the closet that you NEVER wear but you need it? Or that one pair of shoes underneath a pile of shoes, in the corner, buried in the ground on the edge of Narnia that you can’t get rid of. Yeah. You get it. DON’T LIE TO ME.

Anyhoo, once the mess is cleaned up and cleared out, what’s left to do? KEEPING IT CLEAN. One of the ways I’m able to avoid buying more junk is to decorate in practical ways like getting cute organizing bins, desk organizers, a new trash bin, some fake plants to take up the empty spaces. You get my drift. It also gives you something to do to avoid buying stuff you don’t need which saves you time and money that you can spend on new books. It’s a win-win. So, let me show you all some fun bookish decor ideas that are easy enough to do and some DIYs that you’re probably able to do right at this moment. So grab your tape and glue gun and let’s get busy!

1. All about that wallpaper

Instead of looking your bare walls, why not decorate it, am I right? Now you could hang up some nice artwork that you found at a craft store or department store that cost you way too much, OR you can go something easier and cheaper. You’ve probably seen the pictures on the internet, bookstagram, Tumblr, Pinterest. And that’s taping book pages to the wall. YAY!!

Now you’re probably like “WHO WOULD TEAR OUT PAGES OF A BOOK? IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?!” I know. Chill. I couldn’t bring myself to tear out pages either. It’s just wrong. Especially if the cover is super pretty. HOWEVER, instead of taking a book and tearing it to shreds, another option is to take old newspapers- maybe even different languages- sheet music, song books, cheap dictionaries -again, maybe in various different languages- and tape those up on the wall instead. Here is a picture of my living room that I helped my mom decorate. We searched high and low for a book we were willing to tear the pages out of (AND FAILED) but stumbled upon on old song book. We tore the pages out, as many as we needed, and taped those up instead. It looks just as nice and if you dab some tea or coffee onto the pages with a cloth to make them appear aged, it gives it a little more of an antique vibe.

2. Books are decor too!

Another thing I love to buy is antique or vintage books. The more they’re falling apart, the better. Of course, it’s a bit of a waste to just throw them on the shelf and forget about them since you’ll probably never read them because you’re afraid the air around them will turn them to dust. So, instead of leaving them to collect dust on our shelf. display them for the world to see. Go to your local bookstore, library, or antique shops and start hunting down old books. It might be hard but it’s also worth the searching. I live in an area where books and music are all the rage so it’s easy for me to find books from the 1920’s on back. I believe the oldest book I own is from 1889 and it sits proudly on a display shelf with some pretty plants and props around it.

Books can easily be decor items. It helps if you put props around them as well so the books don’t feel random or out of place. Maybe an old radio like my parents have in the picture, or hang up a clock, set a candle next to the books. Add a couple of plants or whatever decor items you think would look nice next to your books.



My mom has a gallery wall of different clocks that go along with her eclectic theme for the living room. The old books only add to the vintage feel and therefore, mix beautifully with the rest of the room. If you’re wanting a vintage, steampunk, wanderlust, modern, or really any theme for a room, books are a great way to add a touch of something to fuel your inspiration.



3. And I quote

Okay, so we all have that one favorite quote from a book we’ve read that is always on our minds. I have PLENTY of favorite quotes from books I’ve read and it’s nice to have a collection of them in my brain. However, sometimes I don’t want to just “like” a quote on Goodreads. Sometimes, I want a way to always have it in the open, something I can remind myself of. I mean, come on, some books have great one liners. For example: “Aliens suck.” Thank you, Rick Yancey. THANK YOU. Who wouldn’t want that displayed?


One way I decided to decorate my room was to have a quote line. I simply took a piece of yarn and taped the two ends onto the wall. There, simple enough, right? All that’s left to do is either print out your favorites quotes or hand write them onto pieces of paper. You can decorate them however you want and also hang little pictures of your favorite things to go along with the quotes. Either use tape, hot glue or mini clothes pins to hang the pieces of paper from your string and viòla. A quote wall. Another thing I did (because I’m obsessed with bird silhouettes) is I printed out different birds onto pieces of paper, cut them out and taped them to the wall. Some are flying, descending, chilling on the string. I think it’s cute and gives my quote string some life and movement.


There are plenty of other ways to bookishly decorate your room so if you have some neat ideas for decorating the bookish way, leave them down below! I might try out a few ideas myself!

What book quote would you hang on the wall?


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  1. Your quote line is super cute! I have to admit that I don’t have to worry much about decorating because I have so many books there’s not much wall space left blank 😀

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