Of Wonderland Book Club: July 2017

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Dear Wonderlings,

Welcome to another month of the Of Wonderland book club. This is a book club designed for you and by you – instead of choosing a single title, we pick a theme each month. This theme will allow you to pick books off of your shelves without having to buy a new book every time – but if you wish to do so, don’t let us stop you!

We hope you’ve enjoyed last month’s theme – villains and antiheroes. We certainly had a good (or should we say evil) time, as we are big fans of scheming villains. In honour of this theme, I read Fairest, the origin story of Queen Levana; Here Lies Daniel Tate, which I gave a very rare 5 stars; and reread Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, for which villain is more repulsive than Dolores Umbridge? I loved all three books and I hope you’ve picked up some great ones, too.

Our next month’s theme had to fight quite a battle to be picked, which is fitting, I suppose. We had a two-way tie, we had a three-way tie, but in the end, you chose…

Mental health & disability!

I think it’s safe to say that this month’s theme is one that lies quite close to my heart. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, I’m always looking for more mental health reads, and I know I need to up my game on stories with disability as well. Any kind of mental or physical disability and/or illness is okay for this month. There is still so much stigma around these topics, but we can become more open-minded by reading about them. For this theme, I’ll be reading Made You Up, Words On Bathroom Walls, and The Color Project.

Of course, we never leave you without some recommendations of our own.

Made You Up // Cinder & Ella // A Quiet Kind of Thunder // Whisper to Me // Am I Normal Yet?
Dead Girls Society // Under Rose-Tainted Skies // Wintergirls // Challenger Deep // When We Collided

There’s a little bit of everything thrown in, and there are a lot more recommendations in our little Goodreads club, where you are always welcome to come read and discuss with us. Do check out this post by YA Interrobang and my masterpost from last year’s Shattering Stigmas event for even more mental health titles. We hope you love this month’s theme as much as we do.

All I have left to do is ask you – what will we be reading in August?

How did you enjoy your villainous reads? What will you be reading next?


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