The Witcher is Coming to Netflix! + Theories

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HELLO WONDERLINGS HOW DO YOU DO, I’M GREAT, ISN’T THE WEATHER TERRIBLE? — okay, now that the introductions are out of the way, no one really cares about what I’ve been up to, LET’S DIVE RIGHT IN.

*climbs the tallest building in the UK*

*straightens up on the rooftop*

*gently cups mouth with hands*


*collapses into a sobbing mess*

We have absolutely no information yet, except for: Andrzej Sapkowski, author of the Witcher series, will be a consultant for the show; Tomas Baginski, the director of the cutscenes for the Witcher games, will direct “at least one episode per season” and the executive producers are Sean Daniel and Jason Brown (The Expanse). There is no casting list, no release date, nothing and yet I’m sat here (and have been since the 17 May when it was originally announced) drooling and crying and just an overall mess.

We don’t even know what the Netflix show will focus on: is it an adaptation of the books and the games? Or is it just an adaptation of the games? Better yet, does it encompass books, games and the DLCs, Heart of Stone and Blood & Wine? I NEED INFORMATION, FRIENDS. I NEED ALL THE INFORMATION.

Yes, the news came out a good month or so ago, but you all know how much I love procrastinating. And in this sweltering heat, I’ve been alternatively reading, napping and, you got it, playing Witcher 3Wild Hunt. Am I obsessing? I feel like I’m obsessing. Do I care? Absolutely freaking not.


The Witcher game franchise is not an adaptation of the books: each game can be easily considered a sequel to the book series, with Wild Hunt wrapping up the story of Geralt of Rivia and Ciri the Child of the Elder Blood. If you guys have played the games, then you know they have excellent stories and dialogue, and watching gameplays on YouTube is very much like watching a Witcher film. However: with everything wrapped up nicely in a little bow, DLCs included, what does this mean for the Netflix series? 

Without giving away spoilers for those who haven’t played but want to, Blood & Wine is the last DLC and it really does wrap up the story of Geralt very, very nicely. However, the Witcher series wouldn’t be a, well, Witcher series without our favourite cast of characters: Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri and Triss. My theory is that the Netflix series will focus on retelling the games, and maybe adding a bit extra in order to really tell the story Andrzej Sapkowski originally wrote. Maybe we’ll have snippets from the books, but overall, I’m hoping the series focuses on the games, if only because they are so wonderfully well done and give you so much of the books anyway.

Another theory I have is that maybe the Netflix show will follow the aftermath of the end of Wild Hunt: Geralt and Ciri training together, fighting monsters, with Yennefer throwing in funny quips and just generally being her badass self. The world of the Witcher books isn’t an easy-going world to venture into, and there is just so much to see and experience. Maybe the show will focus on those aspects?

I’ve tried not to stew too much on this because I’d drive myself crazy, especially since there’s no release date or cast or anything, so these are all on-the-whim theories I thought of whilst scouring the Internet for information.


What say you, Wonderlings? Are you excited? Have you read the books/played the games? What theories do you have? Let me know in the comments below!


PS. After I finished writing this post I went and played six solid hours of Witcher 3 and now I’m crying again. Send help.



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  1. GAH. I had no idea. I wasn’t big on the game, but the books are pretty damn decent. Looking forward to it, especially with the author on board.

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