Bookish Blind Date: TURN THE MUSIC UP!

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Hello, all of my lovely Wonderlings! How’s it going? Good? Great? AWESOME. So, I’ve been meaning to whip together another bookish blind date poll since a lot of you guys seemed to really enjoy the last one. (YOU’RE NOT LYING TO ME, RIGHT?) Since you guys seemed to like it, I thought I would go ahead and make another one but this time, with a new theme: MUSIC. Because who doesn’t love music? I’ll tell you who: the same people who don’t like puppies or air.

Anyhoo, now that it just got weird . . . . let’s just move on.

I know we all listen to different genres of music based on our own personalities and preferences (unless you’re like me and listen to literally ANYTHING) so I took some basic notes for this quiz. Whether you like country, rock, pop, international hits, etc., take the quiz and see what book you should read next based on your answers.

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Or quiz. Let the quiz begin. The fun quiz. Not like a school quiz or anything. That’s torture. OMG I’M DONE. BYE. Just do the thing.

What book did you get? Let me know in the comments! What should be the next theme for the next bookish blind date?

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