My Dark And Terrible Reading Secrets!

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Hello Wonderlings!

Today I have some dark and terrible reading confessions to make to you! Writing this post made me realize that I have a lot of *secrets* but I’m hoping that I’m not the only one that has them!

1.) I will use anything as a bookmark…except an actual bookmark.

I don’t even really LIKE bookmarks, when I even think about it?? Like I love the IDEA of them and the aesthetic/prettiness of them but a) I always lose them and they’re never even right THERE when I need one and b) using other stuff is so much easier, like a receipt or a scrap of paper OR EVEN ANOTHER BOOK EVEN. Oh and c) I always seem to cut myself because I am so accident-prone I cut myself on BOOKMARKS.

2.) I could not care less about the condition of my library books.

It’s a completely different story with MY book babies, I assure you, but I literally could not care less about the Library’s. And this makes me feel so guilty??? Like it is someone else’s property and I should take the utmost care but I don’t. Accidents happen and I shed zero tears about it.

3.) I am actually seemingly unable to put a library book back BEFORE it’s waaaay overdue.

So overdue that the library blocks my account and refuses to unblock it until I return the book and promise my first-born child in return for them unblocking it. I just find it sooooo hard to return my library books because as far as I’m concerned, as soon as I’ve got them out of the library, THE PRECIOUSNESSSSES ARE MINEEEEEE FOREVER. However, obviously the library doesn’t feel the same way.

4.) The last time I bought a physical book was…in September 2016.

OH MY GOD WAS IT REALLY THAT LONG AGO??!! And with ebooks I’m not much better! If an ebook isn’t AT LEAST under $2, I won’t buy it. I really wish I was better at buying books but it’s something I always feel so guilty doing. And then I feel bad because I WANT to support my favourite authors and favourite books! And how can I call myself an addicted bookworm if I buy books hardly EVER??!! This is something I struggle with a lot!

5.) The only novellas I have ever enjoyed are the TOG novellas by Sara J. Maas.

Every other novella I’ve ever read (which haven’t been many because I hate reading them haha #logic), I have only been disappointed and confused over why they even existed in the first place. If the story isn’t important enough to be IN the book, than leave it out. I do not need a novella of tiny stories that fill in random bits of information or tell tiny pieces of a person’s past. PUT IT IN THE ACTUAL BLOODY BOOK IF YOU WANT ME TO READ IT, OTHERWISE DON’T PUT IT IN A BLOODY NOVELLA. *fumes*


Confess to me some of your dark and reading secrets so I feel less alone! 😉

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13 responses to “My Dark And Terrible Reading Secrets!

  1. Hi!

    I also never buy books if they are not under a certain price limit because – if I did I’ be broke! I don’t feel guilty about it. But I feel guilty about the books, that I can’t read because no one to borrow from, is not in the libary… It’s very frustating, especially if it is a last book of a series. I’m doomed by my own principles.

  2. I relate with many of them! I never ever use bookmarks: I always loose them, instead I use post its! They’re awesome, I use them to remember things I like and as bookmarks two in one ahahaah.

  3. Oh my gosh, yes, this has always been me with bookmarks! Like, I don’t even know where they would go? You’d think, ok, open book, set bookmark down, read, put bookmark back in, but it just never worked that way??? Eventually I gave up and stopped even trying to use bookmarks lol.

  4. Olivia-Savannah

    I am really so impressed that you’ve been able to use the library so well and not spend money on buying books or ebooks! Go you, because you are beating us other bookworms at the saving money game. I rarely use bookmarks either – it’s usually my review notes now 😀

  5. Oh I love this post ahah – I never use bookmarks either, my kind of bookmarks are random pieces of paper, train tickets or something like that haha.Great post 🙂

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