Sovereign // Marvel + X-Men + Trans Superheroes? COOL BEANS.

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Sovereign // Marvel + X-Men + Trans Superheroes? COOL BEANS.Sovereign (Nemesis, #2) by April Daniels
Published by Diversion Publishing on July 25th 2017
Pages: 350

Only nine months after her debut as the fourth superhero to fight under the name Dreadnought, Danny Tozer is already a scarred veteran. Protecting a city the size of New Port is a team-sized job and she's doing it alone. Between her newfound celebrity and her demanding cape duties, Dreadnought is stretched thin, and it's only going to get worse.

When she crosses a newly discovered supervillain, Dreadnought comes under attack from all quarters. From her troubled family life to her disintegrating friendship with Calamity, there's no trick too dirty and no lever too cruel for this villain to use against her.

She might be hard to kill, but there's more than one way to destroy a hero. Before the war is over, Dreadnought will be forced to confront parts of herself she never wanted to acknowledge.

And behind it all, an old enemy waits in the wings to unleash a plot that will scar the world forever.

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Dude, that was frickin’ badass.

“I don’t care who you are or what you can do. I don’t care how much I’m outnumbered or how badly I’m hurt. You bring the fight to me, and I’ll bring it right back to you twice as hard, and I will make you regretthe day you thought you thought you were hard enough to take on Dreadnought.”

Sovereign is a pretty damn great sequel to Dreadnought, and a pretty damn great ending to this duology – or is it a trilogy? It felt kind of final, but if there were to be another book, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s a little bit Marvel, a little bit The Incredibles, a little bit X-Men, but overall it’s just a whole lot of cool beans and I’d happily recommend these books to anyone.

Everything I had issues with in the first book was tackled in the second – while Dreadnought was still a really enjoyable read, I felt like there wasn’t enough story in between the action, and I would’ve liked more fighting scenes where Danny had help from her friends, rather than having to do everything by herself. Both issues were resolved here – there is a lot more story for Danny the person rather than Dreadnought the superhero, without taking away from the main plot. She takes on her ignorant parents in a battle for emancipation, discovers a dark side of herself that’s hard to ignore, and yes, there is a little bit of romance. These storylines form a nice balance in between all the action. Not to mention – and I can’t stress this enough – TRANSGENDER SUPERHEROES. QUEER SUPERHEROES. NOT JUST ONE, BUT SEVERAL OF THEM.

There was still a lot of action, and if this goes on too often or too long, my brain kind of tends to shut down. But it was a lot better here, as the fights were really badass and varied (superhero/supervillain battles in space? Don’t mind if I do), and these fights were taken on by Danny and her posse. Hell, we all know Harry Potter would have died a long time ago if it wasn’t for Hermione Granger, and so Danny shouldn’t have to take on everything by herself, either. So I loved that she had back-up this time around. Because hell, she needed it.

Enter several villains with delusional notions about what the new world should look like – I won’t give too much away because I had so much fun discovering this while reading it, but I’ll share this little quote for MUCH INTRIGUE:

“Every ancient culture has stories of people or entities with fantastic powers, and many tell of a twilight of the gods or an era when the magic began to fade. Now the hour of the gods has come again.”

It was pretty awesome. I am a happy camper.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy

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  1. This sounds great, glad you liked it! It’s great when sequels fix all the issues you had the first book. And it also sounds nice that there was more about the person, not just the superhero. I totally get what you mean though about too much action/fight scenes—when that happens I kinda start skimming and just want them to end.

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