Bookworm Excuses I Use The Most!

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Hello Wonderlings!

Today I wanted to chat about bookworm excuses! I have so many excuses ahahahaaa, *nervous laughter* but the below four are the ones I use the most!


I think the biggest things that scare me off books is hype. Because I am often the black sheep when it comes to well-loved hyped books, when new releases get hyped up to the extreme, I tend to get warier and warier of them until sometimes I never get round to reading them at all. Which is frustrating as sometimes I actually really enjoy these books, no matter how hyped they are! This year I wanted to do better at actually reading the books I’ve been dying to read for ages but haven’t yet because I’ve been terrified of the hype but I’ve been failing miserably lol.


I use this excuse so much. “My TBR pile is too big!” I whine. “I just don’t have enough time, to read it!” LIES, ELLA, LIES. Yes, your TBR pile is big (okay it’s huge and will probably kill you in the next ten years if you don’t start reading ALL THOSE DAMN BOOKS ON IT OMG) but whining about how big it is IS NOT. GOING TO. MAKE IT. SMALLER. Is it just me though that the bigger my TBR gets, the less I feel like reading anything off it?? And then it gets bigger and bigger and I become less and less interested?? Please tell me I’m not the only one that feels like this!


I am the epitome of a mood-reader. I will go from reading 4 books in a day to not reading ANYTHING for a month. Sometimes I read all the time, sometimes no matter how hard I try, I can’t sit down and read a book at all. So alot of the time “I’m not in the mood to read XYZ” well you just have to sit down and make yourself read it until you don’t have to make yourself anymore.


But I do find the time to binge-watch Youtube or spend hours taking Hogwart house quizzes! This goes hand in hand with “I’M NOT IN THE MOOD” and it’s an excuse that I hide around far too much. Yes, I am busy, but reading is also a priority and shouldn’t be continually pushed away because I’m “too busy”. Personally, I really need to start getting back into the habit of reading as a form to relax instead of going on Buzzfeed or Youtube to do that instead.


What are the bookworm excuses YOU use the most? 🙂

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4 responses to “Bookworm Excuses I Use The Most!

  1. Olivia-Savannah

    HYPE. Hype is my biggest fear. As soon as it is hyped I buy it. But then I leave it on my TBR for literally years until there is no hype and my previous expectations are forgotten and I have the chance to equally enjoy it in comparison to other books.

  2. I’m always so nervous when books are everywhere and so hyped that I don’t even know what I am doing NOT reading it. I’m always scared to be disappointed when there is so much hype, so I try as much as I can and wait a little bit until the book isn’t everywhere to actually consider picking it up. Sometimes I’m too weak though haha.
    Great post! 🙂

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