Why Story-Rich Games Are Perfect For Readers + Recommendations!

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I’m only a very casual gamer, but I quickly found my niche in the whole world of video entertainment: I love games that are rich in story. I guess that shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing as I run a book blog and read over 100 books a year!

Today, I want to tell you a bit about this type of gaming and why they’re worth a try if you’re an avid reader.

You get a lot out of them

It’s like a 3D way of reading! You get the words, but you also get the visual and the interaction through gameplay. This way, you are more invested in the storyline.

It’s also really great for those of us who don’t have a rich imagination when reading. Some readers see everything play out before them, and then there are those of us who just see… blobs. I know, it’s really appealing. I’m really bad at visualising locations and people, and with gaming I see everything right away. It’s very stimulating.

Your choices matter

In some of these games, the story develops and takes a different direction as you make decisions throughout the game. People may die because of the choices you make – no pressure or anything. Can cause a bit of stress, but it’s really cool to see a story you’re helping create unfold before your very eyes.

You won’t find these stories in books

Most of these stories probably wouldn’t work that well in text form, so you get lots of new and original works to obsess over! I’m really enthusiastic about the ones I’ve played so far.

They ease you into gaming

Sometimes you want to rage and kill as many bloody zombies as you can, right?

But sometimes you might want a calmer experience, one that doesn’t have as much action. No shooting scenes. You just explore the game while it tells you a story one step at a time. It can be quite a relaxing experience, but still a really gripping and inclusive one. They ease you into “real” games too, help you get used to the feeling before you go all out shooting everyone.


Here are some of my recommendations:

Life Is Strange // The first story-rich game I played and it left such an impression on me. The soundtrack is amazing and the characters are so detailed and rich. The graphics are like a work of art of their own.

Firewatch // This game has gorgeous scenery as you play a mountain ranger. Through walkie talkies, you get assignments, and you can choose the level of snark with which to reply to your boss. The result is a great friendship filled with hilarious banter.

The Wolf Among Us // Fairly graphic, but a really good story, especially if you’re into fairytales.

Have you played any of these? Which games do you like to play?

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3 responses to “Why Story-Rich Games Are Perfect For Readers + Recommendations!

  1. I don’t play them myself (bad experiences with my husband’s gaming system in the past) but I do sit and watch my husband play and often make the choices for him. However I do really want to play both Life is Strange (which has a sequel coming out soon) and Firewatch. They were both incredible to watch and so emotional.

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