The Disappointment is Palpable: Anime Fest 2017 Recap Part Two

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Part two of my Anime Fest recap. And let’s just jump in.

But. Makkachin cutout first.

Day Four:

This was the day I was supposed to get my signatures. I say ‘supposed to’ for a reason.
So this is a long and complicated story. Which I will continue in part two! So wait a week, and you’ll find out what happened to me at the signing.

For the YOI creative staff, we were supposed to line up by the autograph area only an hour beforehand. On Day One (Thursday), there was a mess. People lined up way before the signing, and the creative staff stayed for an hour to get everything signed. Day Two was horrible. People got there at 8 a.m. (The signing started at 12 p.m. or something) and waited in the chairs. There was so much confusion. I just didn’t dare, but people told me about the mess that was the signing.
Day Three was supposed to be different. They had stricter rules and even pulled in the police. You might remember this as the day that Dallas has a protest. A white supremacy protest. Yeah, people were worried.
But the line was terrible. People were supposed to line up an hour earlier. They didn’t. People were supposed to not clog up the aisle. They did.
It was a mob of people. It was so bad, that the police had to step in and pick people at random.

Day Four was supposed to be different. Like Day Three, people could only line up an hour before. I came at 9 a.m. The signing was at 12 p.m. I got information from this nice volunteer named Badger (Shoutout to Badger!) She explained the situation and told the group (Including me) to go sit somewhere else.
So we did. We sat on the ground but got broken up because we looked like a line. So we were told to sit in the chairs. We did.
I was with one of my friends from Day Two and some new friends. (The table I was at would later become a tight knit group.)
We talked about YOI and how worried we were. A group of people began to crowd the area besides the tables. They too were here for the signing. But since they weren’t told to sit at the tables, they were beginning to look like a mob.
So when the time came to grab people for the signing, the volunteers chose to pick people from the tables first because we had listened to instructions. The mob fought, and some of them even got to get signatures but probably not the people they wanted.
They chose from all the tables around us. Which was odd because we were supposed to be second to last, not dead last.
And that’s probably where my little group got screwed over.
The table that was supposed to be last couldn’t decide on who to leave behind. The volunteers could only take eight people. (Even though they had taken all the people at the tables earlier on.) But they finally decided. With some bickering.

It was our turn.
We too had to choose eight out of ten of us. Two kind souls gave up their seats. We eight got up and put our hands on our heads (A signal that we were going to get signatures.)
Then they gave in and brought back the other two. We were ten in total.
Then the ear piece buzzed.
Oh no.
The news hit us. We wouldn’t be able to get into the YOI creative staff signing. It was full.
I was going to cry. I had waited so long.
Two of us broke off to go to the other Japanese guests’ line. It was free. Others in the mob got into that line as well.

We were six.
We were dejected.
We checked the seating. Yup. It was full. But we couldn’t say anything because we didn’t want to anger anyone. We went to hide by the wall instead.

We complained. “We’re just six people. Couldn’t they have fit us in?” No. They really couldn’t. They couldn’t extend the time. We didn’t know when the creative staff was leaving. We couldn’t delay their flight.
We exchanged phone numbers. They’re on my phone right now. I need to start up our group chat. We all leave pretty nearby each other.

The English guests’ signing was coming up. I wanted to try. So two of us broke off and went to that line. It wasn’t too bad. And they weren’t constrained like the creative staff was. (The creative staff was drawing pictures; the English guests wouldn’t do that, just signatures.)
We inched forwards in the line and got a seat.
My friend and I waited and chatted with another person in line.
But the volunteer came around and told us that we might not make it.
We were scared. I was giving up.
But then we got up. And they ushered us into the line.
I was so relieved.
I got signatures from all the YOI voice actors there. Josh Grelle (Yuri Katsuki), Micah Solusod (Yuri Plisetsky), Jerry Jewell (Victor), Jeremey Inman (JJ), Daman Mills (Yakov), Ian Sinclair (Celestino), and Monica Rial (Mila).

And here is where the story get funny once more.
I told Daman he was attractive. He was so cute about. He said thank you and all.
I asked Ian Sinclair (Also the voice of Romano) to yell at me in a Romano voice. AND HE DID. I almost died. And then Micah yelled at him in a Yuri P voice. And Daman yelled at Micah in a Yakov voice. I was so happy.
I asked Jerry Jewell to say something in a Russia voice. And he was something very soft, but it was so cute.

Then, we were done. My friend and I walked around and did some retail therapy. I got a Otabek x Yuri P print. (It was so cute.) And then we sat down and talked. She’s pretty chill. We talked about college and work and stuff like that.

And here are some tips on how to better the convention:
-Ticketing events with high predicted numbers of attendance (Thanks, Grace, for this idea.)
-Stricter security
-Organizing the schedule better as to not have signings clash with panel
But those are just my thoughts.

Ah. That was long. But! Haul time!

Here is most of what I got. My charms are missing, but that’s okay.


Shoutout to all of these volunteers. They tried their best to help: Badger, Private, Rikka, and Ripter.
Thank you. We know you all work hard on your own time to provide us with the best experience possible. I hold nothing against you.

And the last of my favorite cosplayers.

So, this is my last Anime Fest 2017 recap. If you attended Anime Fest 2017, please leave your thoughts below. If you didn’t, I suggest you look into Anime Fest for your next convention needs.


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