Thank You & Mental Health Book Bingo Announcement // Shattering Stigmas

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Shattering Stigmas is an annual blogging event that lasts two weeks. During this fortnight, we’ll be talking about anything and everything mental health related. The aim of these posts are to take away some of the stigma surrounding mental illness, to invite people to open up about their stories, and to help others learn.

It’s been hard and heavy and raw and difficult, but it’s also been amazing and supportive and real and true. So many people shared their stories and the love came pouring in. We are always so humbled by the love and support that you give us each edition, and we just wanted to say THANK YOU. You guys have been amazing, as always.

A massive group hug to this year’s wonderful team of stigma ninjas, our hosts:

You have been absolutely spectacular. I’ve loved working with you – you were great, enthusiastic, and I am blown away by your stories and your honesty. Thank you for making this edition a magnificent one. Dear reader, make sure you check out all these blogs (and YouTube channel) to make sure you haven’t missed a single post of Shattering Stigmas.

To my guest posters:

Thank you so much for gracing this event (and my precious blog) with your presence. Your posts were informative and real and honest, and I am using so many adjectives in this post, but there’s a lot of gratitude to express. Thank you.

I will close off this event with the quote I started it with, from The Little Book of Lykke:

To fight the stigma that surrounds mental illness, we need to listen more and learn more. We need to end the misunderstanding and the prejudice. We need to end whispering about mental illness behind closed doors. We need to say the scary words out loud, so they lose their power, and so no one has to struggle in silence.”

Thus concludes our third edition of the Shattering Stigmas mental health event, but the conversation doesn’t end here. Keep talking about mental health. Keep checking in with your friends. You are all stigma ninjas.

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Want more?

There’s another mental health event coming to Of Wonderland in November…

To stay up to date, make sure you follow the book bingo Twitter page @BingoMh or check out our hashtag #MHBookBingo.

Thank you so much. ♥

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6 responses to “Thank You & Mental Health Book Bingo Announcement // Shattering Stigmas

  1. I’ve loved co-hosting with you guys so much this year – what a great Shattering Stigmas it has been! Thanks for putting so much effort into this every single year and for helping to shatter the stigma. <3

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