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Today we’ve got a little something different going on. We’ve been asked to write a few words about Paperless Post, a website that offers digital card and invitation services.

“Paperless Post is a digital events platform that helps you create online and paper invitations and stationery that reflect your individual aesthetic. Our distinctive, customizable designs and powerful online tools make it easy to communicate and connect expressively on any occasion—from everyday correspondence to milestone life events.”

— from their About page

We hadn’t heard of the website before, but it’s really versatile and easy to use. Each of us will be telling you a little something about Paperless Post.


I’m a snail mail girl through and through when it comes to sending cards and letters to friends and dear ones so I was really curious when we got approached by Paperless Post to to see if they could change my mind on how I sent stuff from now on…



I’m happy to say that using PP was a great experience! Not only was it so easy and fun to use it completely changed my mindset when it came to sending digital cards in the future I want to do it through PP from now on! I found PP really easy to use even though I can be technology challenged at times, I had no real trouble on here! I loved how many fonts and designs/papers/colours they had to offer and had great fun playing around with them when I was sending out my card!

I enjoyed how creative you could be with your card making and with the amount of options and things you could DO on PP, I loved how my card came out feeling very one of a kind and individualistic/personally tailored for the person I was sending it to.

Basically/in a sentence: PP is the digital answer to your paper/letter dreams!


When it comes to kindness, I have my mother to look up to as my biggest example. She is always there for you when you need her, and is one of those few people who still sends handwritten cards when you’re having a birthday or not feeling well. She is the most thoughtful person I know, and I strive to reach her level of nice. So it’s probably no surprise that I am pretty old-fashioned when it comes to mail as well. I have a handful of pen pals and send out letters and cards all over the world. My inbox gets filled with meaningless mail, while receiving a hand-written letter makes me happy every time. They’re like little presents, and you can choose fun cards and personalise things… but Paperless Post can do all of that, too!

I was actually surprised at how much fun I was having putting all these cards together. You can choose between lots of cards, backgrounds, fonts, colours, stamps, and envelope designs — everything you can do with hand-written mail — so it’s really easy to personalise everything to the recipient. I tried out a few cards — for birthdays, or just to tell people they’re awesome — and the gratification is instant because they immediately arrive at its destination.

Plus, they totally brightened people’s days. Huzzah for thoughtful mail!

Here are some of my favourite designs.


I can’t even remember the last time I sent someone an actual letter. Why? Because this is the age of technology, and I LOVE e-mail. Which meant Paperless Post was perfect for me. I could send pretty cards and letters without ever having to pick up a pen or pencil.

I loved the customization. There were lots of templates I could use, and I could go beyond the defaults. I really liked how cute some of the cards were. And how I could change the stamp and envelope and the fonts. I was like a kid in a candy shop.

When you clicked on your little letter, it had an awesome animation sequence. Which went like this: (Ignore my HORRIBLE voice and all the little tabs on the bottom of my screen)

My only problem was with the contents of the post itself. I could never seem to figure out a way to edit most of the text. That could be on me, though.

But it was an overall fun experience sending these little letters to myself (I didn’t send to friends because I wanted to see the final product myself.)


I’m such a sucker for anything being edited digitally. I freaking LOVE editing pictures, fonts, designing my own book covers just for fun and creating graphics for my blog. When I first heard of Paperless Post, I thought it was such a fun idea! There’s nothing more enjoyable (okay, maybe one or two things) than receiving a hand-written card in the mail and seeing the little, personalized message and envelope with your name on it. It just puts a smile on my face when I receive birthday cards in the mail because I know someone took the time to pick out the card, write their message, and mail it out.

Paperless Post is like the best of both worlds for me! You can edit to your heart’s desire with all the different fonts, graphics and templates to create all different kinds of cards, each one never looking the same with all the different combinations you can create. I love that there are so many options to creating the cards that you can then send so easily to friends and family. It takes the waiting out of sending personalized cards and messages while also allowing you to have fun with editing. I freaking loved it to say the least. Just yes. Thank you, Paperless Post for existing.

Come join the fun on Paperless Post.

Disclaimer: We’ve been provided with credits by Paperless Post to try out their website. This has not influenced our opinions in any way.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting business. On on hand, it saves paper and gives more room for creativity, but I think something people still like to receive physical cards to display or save for scrapbooking.

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