Mental Health Book Bingo Announcement!

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There is a brand new mental health event coming your way! Welcome to the first edition of Mental Health Book Bingo, a month-long read-a-thon during which we read mental health books in a fun way.

Thank you Sar @ Reading to Recover for designing our logo!

We’re really excited to be part of this event! The bingo was created by Wendy @ whatthelog and inspired by the Asian Lit bingo which takes place in May, as created by Shenwei @ (AS)(I)AN (AM)ERICA. We thought this was a really creative and original way to highlight diverse reads, so we wanted to do the same while celebrating mental health books. We have talked about this profusely in our recent edition of Shattering Stigmas — that mental health is still so stigmatised and needs to be surrounded by more support and conversation.

Your hosts for this event are:

Thank you so much to CW @ artfromafriend for designing this gorgeous bingo board!

The book bingo will take place all throughout January. The aim of the read-a-thon? Simply to read as many mental health books as you can, guided by the prompts on the bingo board. As an extra challenge, you can try to get a bingo (read all prompts on a single line or row — you can read horizontally, vertically, and diagonally), but honestly we’ll just be happy to get you reading. To add a little extra incentive, the person who reads the most books this month will win a mental health goodie box! This giveaway is international and will contain a mental health book of choice with some nice self-care things. ♥

I’m not very good with planned reads, so I’m just going to showcase the books from which I’ll be choosing:

I definitely won’t be reading them all, but I’ll get to everything in due time. We have prepared a list of recommendations in case you need a little help.

We also have a series of happenings lined up for you!

Jan 3: UK Twitter chat
Jan 10: Twitter chat with Louise Gornall
Jan 17: Australasia Twitter chat
Jan 24: Akemi Dawn Bowman interview on whatthelog
Jan 25: US Twitter Chat
Jan 28: Katrina Leno interview on Of Wonderland
Jan 29: Twitter chat with Mariam Khan
Jan 30: Twitter chat with Hello Me It’s You

All Twitter chats will be hosted by @BingoMh through the #MHBookBingo hashtag. Make sure you keep an eye on both for more details!

So that’s our event in a nutshell! We hope you decide to join us. ♥

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5 responses to “Mental Health Book Bingo Announcement!

  1. Elora Mitchell

    Love this! It’s such a great idea. ?I would love to participate, but alas, it’s NaNoWriMo and I’m putting all my eggs in that basket. ?

  2. It’s got to be really hard to put something like this together without stepping on toes because every month seems to be a month dedicated to some group or other. Hope you find the perfect time to do it! (Ad even if it overlaps with something, I’m sure people will understand that you’re not trying to take away from them.)

  3. Drangonfly

    Thank you for sharing that list of books! Mental Health is a dear topic to me. I’m checking them out right now!

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