Things That Must Happen In A TREACHEROUS CURSE by Deanna Raybourn

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Oh, hi! My name is Ella and I’m utterly obsessed with the Veronica Speedwell mystery series by Deanna Raybourn! I have been a rabid fan since I got a eARC of the first book years ago in 2015. Not much has changed since I fell in love with these books except for the fact I’ve become more and more obsessed and the wait for each new book to come out grows more unbearable! It’s one of my favourite series of all time, coming just under my love for Harry Potter. Yes, I am that obsessed with these books.

Now I say series, instead of trilogy now, because up until a few months ago, there was only going to be a TRILOGY. However it was then announced back in July I think that Deanna’s signed on to write ANOTHER TWO BOOKS! To say! That I! Am excited! Is a! Complete! Understatement! I have had perpetual happy tears tears in my eyes since I found out, I AM SO HAPPY.

If you haven’t read or heard of the Veronica Speedwell mysteries, I highly, HIGHLY recommend you try them out! I could and cannot recommend them enough. You can see my review for the first book HERE, and my review for the second book HERE, if you’re interested. Don’t ask me to pick my favourite of the two because that’s like asking who my favourite CHILD is.

ANYWAY, to celebrate my happiness and to just remind myself how EXCITED (!!!!) I am for the third book – A TREACHEROUS CURSE – coming out in January 2018 (SO FREAKING CLOSE NOW!!!!! OH MY GAWD!!!!!), here is a smol list of all the things I’m hoping will happen and go down in the third book!!




1.) A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING broke me. In such a good way. But it still broke me. I don’t think my wee bookworm heart will be able to cope if A TREACHEROUS CURSE throws the same shit at me that APU did. I need it to be happy, goddammit. I want rainbows and unicorns and sparkles. Dead bodies, mysteries and danger are good and all, but I want some rainbows and sparkles thrown into the mix. Hey, Stoker could stuff a unicorn or something. I’d be happy with that! So please don’t kill my feelings, ATC. Contrary to popular legend, I do actually need them.

2.) A TREACHEROUS CURSE IS THE 3RD BOOK SO KISSING NEEDS TO GO DOWN OKAY?? And I’m talking about happy kissing and declarations of love, more happy kissing and just Veronica and Stoker bloody sitting down AND TALKING ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS for gods sake. My fangirl squeals hit a pitch that a piglet would be envious of in A PERILOUS UNDERTAKING when Veronica and Stoker started drunkenly (or were they high? My blood pressure rises and I want to hit something when I think about that scene too much so I try and erase it from me memory) making out. But then bloody Stoker STUPIDLY RUINED BLOODY EVERYTHING BY SAYING HIS LAST LOVE’S NAME…WHILE HE WAS KISSING VERONICA. My angry screaming and throwing said book at my bedroom wall could be heard all over the house. My brother actually came and asked me if I was okay to which I howled at him to LEAVE ME ALONE 4EVR very dramatically.

So please, bookish gods, make Veronica and Stoker make up (and make out), get their shit together AND DECLARE THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER BECAUSE IT’S SO OBVIOUS IT HURTS. Seriously, if ATC ends without this happening, I am dead.

3.) NEITHER OF MY PRECIOUS BABIES ARE ALLOWED TO DIE. I was going to say, AND NOT HURT AS WELL, but c’mon, they’re Veronica and Stoker, guys, how likely is it that they don’t end up injured in some way during their adventures??! So yes, I would like them wrapped up in cotton wool and sung to sleep each night, but as that’s obviously not going to happen I am also quite happy with them not losing any limbs. Or important body parts. Or blood.

4.) PLEASE KEEP INSPIRING ME. No pressure or anything! But it would be the chocolate on the cake, if not only did Veronica and Stoker not die or lose limbs, but if the story and the characters continues to inspire me in my life and my writing. But I sneakily know already that that’s going to happen! Just a casual reminder. 😉

5.) MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL, YOU DO YOU. I can screech and beg and complain and whine and throw myself down and whimper pathetically for nothing bad to happen to my darlings, the romance to get it’s arse into gear (ahem), the story to be as splendiferous as always, but at the end of the day, I will adore you know no matter what. So just be your brilliant sparkling self that I know you will be AND JUST MAKE BLOODY 16TH JAN 2018 COME SOONER ALREADY, I BEG OF YOU. Fangirl dying of unresolved feels over here.


Okay, unresolved feels spilled! Tell me! Have you read the series?? I’d love to meet some more people that do!! And if you haven’t read it, you’re OBVIOUSLY going to start reading it now, right? 😉

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