Of Wonderland Book Club: December 2017 + Feedback Survey

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Welcome to #OWBookClub, where we choose monthly themes instead of a single title. These themes can range from genres to more specific prompts, but will always be broad enough to give you some play room. We didn’t want to send you to the bookstore every month, but rather we wanted you to be able to choose a book you may already own. This way, we’re hoping that #OWBookClub is accessible to everyone.

November’s theme was rainy day reads, which couldn’t have been more perfect. It’s been a very rainy month here in Belgium, and as I’m writing this, it is raining again. This gave me ample opportunity to curl up on the sofa with a warm blanket, a steaming cup of tea, and a captivating book. I ended up reading How to Be HappyStrange the DreamerHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and Room. November can be quite a tough month to stay cheerful, so I hope your books have gotten you through the worst of it.

To close off 2017 — and our very first year! — we have one final theme for you. This theme won by a landslide, so get ready to read…

Must finish before 2018!

Well, you know what to do. There are probably still a couple of books left that you meant to read this year, but never got to. Perhaps a book in a series with the sequel coming out, or a shiny new release? A book everyone seems to have read but you? If you’re more of a casual reader and don’t feel the impending deadline of the new year, consider this a free pass and read anything you want. The options are endless, so the floor is yours! I’ll be reading Wonder Woman: Warbringer and Norse Mythology.

As always, our recommendations:

They Both Die At the End // Flame in the Mist // This Mortal Coil // Tash Hearts Tolstoy // The Raven King
Here Lies Daniel Tate // Radio Silence // Crooked Kingdom // Our Dark Duet // Eliza and Her Monsters

Come join us on our Goodreads group for more recommendations and discussions! As a group perk, the theme is announced a few days early so you can plan your reads, and you’ll receive a monthly message to remind you of the new theme and poll to vote on.

As we conclude the first year of our little book club, we just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has participated. Whether you’re a more casual spectator or avidly adding to our discussions, we welcome you and appreciate you, and we hope you’ve had a good time and have been able to knock some books off your TBRs.

We’d love to have some feedback! How did you experience our first year – did you have a good time, or were there things we could have done better? What can we do to make our second year even better? This survey is anonymous and very short; we hope you’ll take the time to leave us a few words. Be as concise or as detailed as you feel comfortable with – even if all you have to say is “you’re doing good bud” (actually we’d be pretty happy with that). Thank you. ♥

So there, which leaves me with one last thing to ask you — how should we ring in the new year?

We’d also like to take this moment to wish you all a very happy holiday season. We hope it’s a good one. ♥

What will you be reading?

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