Of Wonderland Book Club: February 2018

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Welcome to the Of Wonderland Book Club, where we choose monthly themes instead of a single title. These themes can range from genres to more specific prompts (e.g. fantasy, badass female characters), but will always be broad enough to give you some play room. We didn’t want to send you to the bookstore every month, but rather we wanted you to be able to choose a book you may already own. This way, we’re hoping that #OWBookClub is accessible to everyone.

January’s theme was HYPED BOOKS and this has both been a very fun and scary theme. I absolutely adored my reread of Illuminae just as much as the first time around, and I also finally – finally – picked up The Hate U Give, which honestly deserves all the love and praise it’s been getting. Hopefully you’ve discovered a few new favourites in between all the hype, too!

February is a few days shorter, but I’m sure you’ll have no trouble making the most out of this next theme…


Eeeeep! How good is this theme? I’m honestly so excited — I think this month is going to be so much fun! I’m thinking swashbuckling pirates, mythical creatures, long walks to Mordor, and other things that would kill me within five seconds. I recently bought The Extinction Trials and the only thing I know about it is that is has dinosaurs, so naturally I’m stoked. I’ll also be rereading The Hunger Games which is one of my favourite series. I’ve got my blankets, I’ve got my tea… I am ready.

We have some adventurous recommendations for you. (We have taken this theme quite literally, but if you’d like to go down an emotional journey, that’s perfectly valid, too.)


As always, come find us on the Goodreads group for book discussions and adventure talks! Our members have decided on Dark Matter for a group buddy read. We’re also organising a buddy read for Black History Month, namely The Hate U Give.

So then, what would you like to read in March?

Thought I’d shake things up a little with some abstract themes, but if you have no idea what to do with these, allow me to give you a brief explanation. For a book to count, you’ll need to find the element on the cover, in the title, or as a prominent feature in the story.

FIRE: Think of flames, ashes, matches, torches, the sun (and therefore shadows). Think of keywords such as burning, flames, heat.

EARTH: Think of nature (mountains, forests), plants and flowers, dirt, metals, gems.

AIR: Think of birds, wind, airplanes, wings, flying. Think of space (moon, stars, sky).

WATER: Think of the sea, rivers, tears, rain. Think of pirates and mermaids and other sea creatures.

For any of these, think of books with magic. They usually incorporate some form of elemental magic.

Happy reading! What will you be reading?

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6 responses to “Of Wonderland Book Club: February 2018

  1. Oh, I own a copy of Walk on Earth a Stranger that I have yet to read! This sounds like a perfect time to do so.

    In January, I read Red Sister by Mark Lawrence and Golden Son by Pierce Brown which are both pretty hyped SFF books. I ended up loving them both 😀

    • Arika (@midwesternbooknerd)

      Walk on Earth a Stranger was really good! I really enjoy Rae Carson books. I hope you enjoy it too!

  2. I’m picking up Wonder Woman from the library today! Didn’t think of using it for the theme this month. I definitely will though.
    I’m thinking of listening to The Hate U Give too 🙂

    • Wonder Woman sounds like a great adventure! I still have to read it – read the first two chapters and couldn’t really get into it at the time, so I’m stalling. 😛

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