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Okay, but seriously, IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK!!! I swear I’ve been dying to return to blogging and the day has finally come!! If you’ve read the previous posts here on Of Wonderland, you might have seen the small update in the most recent wrap-up of ours regarding my “exploded laptop” as Inge worded it so perfectly. But since it might be a little too vague, allow me to fill you in on all the details of what exactly happened.

I don’t want to get too boring with this little story time of how I exploded my laptop but it honestly isn’t that long of a story anyways. Basically, I was so tired from having worked twoImage result for crying gifs shifts at both of my jobs one day, and I just wanted a nice cup of hot tea to relax and watch a movie while drinking. I had my tea ready and was waiting for it to cool down as I changed into my PJ’s and brushed my teeth and washed my face. My tea was ready to drink and as I was reaching for my tea, I managed to hit my knee rather hard on the corner of my desk which then led to me dying and clutching my knee as I watched tea go EVERYWHERE on my desk . . . including inside my laptop which I had open trying to find a movie to watch on Netflix. Yep. The only sound I heard was the sound of sizzling, which was NOT a good sign, and then my laptop black-screened and exploded. Not really but it might as well have. So after successfully almost breaking my knee and murdering my laptop Lola *sniffles*, I was out of the game for blogging.

It’s not like laptops are the cheapest things in the world so I couldn’t exactly just run to my local Wal-Mart and pick one up just like that and have the world be bright and sparkly all over again. NO. It takes research and MONEY to go about these things. I wanted to take advantage of the sad reality of no longer having a laptop. I’d been wanting to invest in a new laptop for a while since mine was already five-years-old but it still worked like a charm since I made sure to take the best care of it that I could. I’d been wanting a specific model, it was probably well past due to get a new laptop, plus I’m a working girl, maybe all the signs were telling me it was time to say goodbye to my Lola and move on. SO, I picked myself up by my bootstraps and went into researching!

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I plan on studying or at least practicing as much as possible with graphic illustration and I thought long and hard about getting an actual drawing tablet for such studies. But the cute part is that an art tablet isn’t that cheap either. Some can be up to as much as $5,000 which I was NOT about. NO ONE has time for that! So instead of going down that route and not finding any tablets that I was dying to have, I looked into a model of laptop that I’d been interested in. And just like that, I found true love. I won’t get into the research of the different models and makes and brands of the laptops I was looking at but long story short, the laptop I got solves both of my issues: a tool for blogging and a tablet for drawing. The model I picked up not three days ago is making all of my dreams come true, I can blog my life away as well as practically fold my laptop in half and sketch and paint comfortably digitally and get in some much needed practice. Basically, HAPPINESS RETURNED TO ME.

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I also still have yet to decide on what to name my new laptop so any name suggestions would be HIGHLY appreciated! Lola was easy to decide on since she was a hot pink color and cute and happy looking and it felt right to call her Lola. However, I’m not quite sure what to name my new one, I haven’t quite figured out it’s personality. It’s silver like ice and fancy and shiny, what would you name it? I’d LOVE to know! HELP ME NAME MY BABY.

I have been blogging and blogging and BLOGGING over the past couple of days on my personal blog and getting everything set up and scheduling posts, thinking of new post ideas and brainstorming what else I want to add to my blog and what I want to talk about on here and OMG I’M EXCITED. I have missed blogging so much and I’m so happy to return to it. I’m really just getting everything out of my system at the moment and allowing my fingers to fly across the keyboard as much as they want. Anyhoo, over the past four months I’ve been writing down ideas and thinking of different topics I want to talk about on Of Wonderland so stay tuned for more of my crazy rambles about ALL THE THINGS. Until next time my lovelies!

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